HE is an earbud company and started out with the HE150. The HE150 has now been revised with a new edition, HE150 Pro. I would like to thank Penon Audio and HE for this review unit. At the moment, you can purchase it from Penon.


  • Sensitivity: 103dB / Mw
  • Driver: Dynamic driver
  • Impedance: 150Ω
  • Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
  • Plug : 3.5mm L-shaped
  • Cable length: 1.2m

Unboxing & Accessories

It comes in a cardboard box with a sticker pasted on top of the box. The sticker has the words – “HE Hi-Fi End HE 150PRO Hi-Fi Audiophile Earbud” . There is a soft circular carrying case sitting inside it. Inside the case, you will get the earbud and 4 pairs of foams.

Earbud Build & Design

The earbud shell is made up of plastic. I find the shell to be light weight and it sits in my ear comfortably. There are L & R markings on the left and right shells respectively. Below the logo on each shell, there are 2 stripes for design purpose. There is a HE logo printed on each shell too. It has an open back design.

Cable Build & Design

The cable is 4 core braided. There is no chin slider and the y-splitter is made up of a soft rubber. It has a 3.5mm gold plated right angled jack with strain relief.


Sound Analysis


The HE150 Pro has a good amount of sub-bass extension with a quick rumble. It extends decently and the bass is smooth. I find it rather neutral. There is a good decay to it and each bass note is presented effortlessly. The bass texture is rendered well with a soothing feeling. The mid-bass does not have a great slam to it. The bass is clinical with a good extension to it. The quantity may be lacking for some though.


The midrange on the HE150 Pro is rather neutral. The lowers mids has a decent amount of body to it and sufficient to tackle male vocals. The upper mids are slightly boosted and it aids in the overall definition of the midrange. I find the midrange to not be congested. It is clean in its presentation. It definitely packs a good amount of details. The midrange is controlled and smooth. Resolution is good with decent layering.


The treble is extended great without any sibilance and harshness. The amount of air presented at the top end is sufficient. There is a slight sparkle to it. I find the presentation to be quite smooth and there is hardly any aggression. It is soothing to listen to. One can probably listen to it for a long listening session. For those who crave for more bite, I feel the sparkle may be insufficient. The overall definition is good with crisp.


The HE150 Pro has a good width and depth in the soundstage. The expansion is very natural. The depth is not too close. The overall positioning of vocals and instruments is good. There is no congestion and it makes the HE150 Pro operates in an effortless manner.



The HE150 Pro has similar sub-bass extension but PMV B01 AOEDE edges ahead in its quantity. PMV B01 AOEDE has slightly more body and it is warmer. The bass decay on the HE150 Pro is better and the presentation is tight. Rumble on the PMV BO1 AOEDE is slower than the HE150 Pro. The speed on the HE150 Pro is definitely better and each bass note is presented with more ease. The bass texture on both is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass on the PMV B01 AOEDE has more slam and it makes the overall music more punchy. The lower mids on the PMV1 B01 AOEDE has the edge in the amount of body and it tackles male vocals better. The upper mids on the HE150 Pro is more forward and female vocals are being stretched more. In the treble section, HE150 Pro has the upper hand in extension and it packs more details. The air exerts from the HE150 Pro gives a light feeling to the overall sonic performance. The articulation is more precise on the HE150 Pro. HE150 Pro has a wider soundstage and the width helps to elevate the positioning of the vocals and instruments. The depth of PMV B01 AOEDE is more close. I feel the resolution of HE150 Pro to be better.

HE150 PRO vs TY Hi-Z 150S

The 150S has more sub-bass quantity and extension than the HE150 Pro. The 150S has a bass that presents itself tightly with a quick decay. Rumble on the 150S is being articulated with more precision. The bass note is being rendered with more clarity on the 150S. I personally feel 150S is more fatiguing in the long run as its bass has more slam to it. The mid-bass on the 150S adds extra dynamics to the overall sound. The lower mids on the HE150 Pro is more neutral and I personally feel it tackles male vocals better than the 150S. The upper mids on the 150S is more forward and there is more definition to it. The midrange on the HE150 Pro is slightly more controlled than the 150S. Moving on to the treble section, the 150S has more extension and operates on a slightly higher level than the HE150 Pro in details retrieval. The air on both is quite similar. I find the 150S to be much more clinical than the HE150 Pro but the control the HE150 Pro has, is superior. The width of the 150S is slightly better while the HE150 Pro excels in the depth. Layering and separation is approximately the same and 150S edges very slightly ahead in definition.

HE150 PRO vs Penon BS1 Experience

The HE150 Pro has less sub-bass quantity and extension than the BS1. The BS1 has more body to it. The decay on both is very similar. Rumble on the BS1 has more speed than the HE150 Pro. The approach in how BS1 tackles the bass section is definitely more clinical and the bass note is presented with more tenacity. The mid-bass on the HE150 Pro has slightly less slam than the BS1. Lower mids on the BS1 has slightly more body and it is more full than the HE150 Pro. The upper mids on the BS1 is slightly more forward and the impact is greater. Next, the treble on the BS1 has similar extension as the HE150 Pro. The HE150 Pro has slightly more air than the BS1 but BS1 packs more details. Treble precision is better on the BS1. BS1 has the better depth in soundstage while HE150 Pro has the edge in the width which helps to improve the positioning of vocals and instruments. Resolution on both is very similar.


HE150 Pro is a rather neutral sounding earbud with a controlled treble that will appeal to most. It is light weight and very comfortable to use. I find the overall sound to be very pleasing and soothing to listen to. The HE150 Pro, being a revised model of the HE150, is definitely an upgrade over its predecessor.