Oriveti is founded in 2015. They start out with their first IEM in Oriveti Primacy which is a hybrid iem with a 2 Balanced Armature and 1 Dynamic configuration. Since then, they have replaced the Oriveti Primacy with Oriveti New Primacy as well as coming up with their entry level iem in Oriveti Basic. I would like to thank Oriveti for this review unit and I will provide my impressions on it. As of now, you can purchase the Oriveti New Primacy on their official website – Oriveti or through Amazon. The Oriveti New Primacy will be available in 3 different colours – Matt Black, Jet Black and Mocha.


  • Driver: Knowles Dual Armature Driver & 8mm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 105+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz
  • Distortion: <1%
  • Plug: Gold-plated 3.5mm Stereo Plug
  • Cable: 1.2 m

Unboxing & Accessories

The Oriveti New Primacy comes in a matte black box. The model I will be reviewing is Mocha in colour.

The package includes:

  • 1 IEM
  • 1 8 Core MMCX Cable
  • 1 Aluminium Carrying Case
  • 2 Pairs of Silicone Tips Each For Size S,M,L
  • 2 Pairs of Foam Tips Each for Size M, L
  • 2 Pairs of Double Flange Tips
  • 1 Flight Adapter
  • 1 6.3mm to 3.5mm gold plated adapter
  • 1 pair of ear guides
  • 1 Instruction Manual

On top of the box, there are the Oriveti logo, the model name and a picture of the iem printed on it. At the back of the box, there is a diagram depicting the components of the iem, description on what the package includes and specifications of it. At each side of the box, there is the Oriveti logo on it. The box has 2 mocha circular seals on the box to show the colour of the iem and seal the box. After lifting the lid of the box, you will see the iem presented nicely in a semi-hard foam. The iem cable is wrapped nicely around it. Next, beneath the foam is an instruction manual. On the front, there is a big Oriveti Logo. At the back of the instruction manual, there is quick guide on the iem and the accessories. After removing the instruction manual from the box, you will see an assortment of accessories.

I am satisfied with the amount of accessories. However, I would wish for a soft storage case for convenience. The adapters provided are useful for different needs. The silicone eartips provided are black and transparent in colour. It is rare to see 2 pairs of eartips for each size. In the event you lose 1 side, you will still have a replacement. The black silicone eartips (Size M) are installed on the Oriveti New Primacy already. The double flange and foam tips provided are black in colour too. The ear guides are made of a soft rubber material. The aluminium carrying case has a nice matte black colour. It is circular in shape and there is an Oriveti logo on it. The exterior is smooth and hard. After removing the lid, the interior is made of a soft fleece-like material. I am surprised that this type of case is provided as I usually see it from iems at a much higher price point.


IEM Build & Design

The New Primacy has a glossy surface with a white Oriveti logo on the left and right faceplates – symbol and word respectively. You can feel the logo print on the iem. On the inside of each iem, there is a L and R marking to differentiate left and right. There is a vent situated close to the nozzle. The nozzle is straight with a metal mesh to block earwax from entering the iem. The shell is very light and thin. The iem sits nicely in my ears and there is a good seal. Personally, I find this one of the most comfortable iems I have ever tried.

Cable Build & Design

The cable is a detachable 8 core cable with mmcx connectors. It is quite soft and supple. On the left MMCX connector, there are 3 dots on the outside to indicate that it is the left side while on the right MMCX connector, there is a R marking to indicate it is the right side. With this, it is quite easy to differentiate left and right just by feeling the connectors. There is no memory wire. Moving on to the chin slider, it is matte black and rectangular in shape. The y-splitter is a black heat shrink tube. The jack is 3.5mm gold plated and the housing sports a white Oriveti logo. It has strain relief.upload_2017-8-15_21-44-44

Sound Analysis


The New Primacy has a fair amount of sub-bass extension with a slow rumble. It does not extend very deep but the bass is smooth. It is tight and articulate. The bass has an average decay and the bass note is being presented with ease. I feel it is very soothing. The amount of mid-bass is just nice and there is not much slam to it. Due to the bass nature, the bass is not fatiguing. I find the bass clinical yet smooth with a great texture to it though I would wish for a little more extension.


The midrange on the New Primacy is quite neutral. The lower mids is not very thick which some of us may like particularly for male vocals. The upper mids are slightly more forward and that gives the overall presentation of the midrange more definition The midrange is transparent and it packs details. The resolution is very high with superb layering. The clarity of the mids just gives vocals an extra edge. Although the mids is not very energetic, it still operates on being clean and controlled.


The treble is extended to a great extent. There is no sibilance and harshness. With a slight sparkle and a decent amount of air, I find the treble is presented nicely without sounding aggressive. It is just clean and clinical. However, I feel that it can do with slightly more sparkle to give it more bite. You can listen to the New Primacy for a long listening session as the treble is smooth yet clinical.


The New Primacy tackles both the depth and width well as they are above average. It gives a 3D feel. The resolution is of a high level and the imaging allows listeners to identify the vocals and instruments accurately. The stage gives the sound a more full performance.



I use the iBasso DX200 for the comparisons.

Oriveti New Primacy vs iBasso IT03 with Stock Cable

The New Primacy has similar sub-bass quantity and extension as the IT03. The mid-bass on both iems are very similar. However, the IT03 is slightly ahead due to a more dynamic punch it has. New Primacy has a more textured bass than the IT03. Lower mids on the New Primacy has more body than the IT03 so IT03 seems more clinical and fast. The upper mids on the IT03 is more detailed. It is more shouty than on the New Primacy. New Primacy’s treble operates on smooth and controlled while IT03 has more sparkle and airiness. I would choose the New Primacy for a long listening sessions. Both iems are on the same level in details retrieval. Soundstage on both are very similar with IT03 having more width while New Primacy has more depth.

Oriveti New Primacy vs Fidue A83

The New Primacy has similar sub-bass quantity and extension as the A83. The mid-bass of A83 has more slam to it, thus giving the overall presentation more punch. The bass of New Primacy is clinical and more smooth while the A83 takes a step back and it is less dynamic. Bass on the New Primacy is just much more full than the A83 with the accuracy and punch. Each note is more textured. The lower mids on the A83 has less body than the New Primacy so it sounds recessed. The upper mids on the Primacy has more body and sounds smoother than the A83. There is a grain in the A83’s treble though it has more extension and sparkle. On the other hand, the treble on the New Primacy is smooth yet detailed. A83 has a deeper soundstage while New Primacy has a wider soundstage. Instrument positioning is better on the New Primacy.

Oriveti New Primacy vs FLC8S (Red-Grey-Gold)

The Oriveti New Primacy has the same sub-bass extension as FLC8S and it has more quantity. The mid-bass of FLC8S has more slam to it. In comparison to FLC8S, the lower mids on New Primacy has more body and male vocals sound particularly well. The upper mids of FLC8S is more forward while on the New Primacy, it is more smooth. I would take the female vocals on the New Primacy as it is more smooth and controlled. The FLC8S treble has more crisp and better extended. The New Primacy has more air. FLC8S has a slight edge in soundstage’s width and New Primacy has better depth.


In a market where there are many triple hybrid iems, the New Primacy stands out by having a smooth and clinical treble and you can listen for a long listening session. The New Primacy is buttery smooth in all frequencies and it is a joy to listen to them. Also, it comes with an abundance of accessories including a premium case. The New Primacy is velvety and clinical as it presents the sound in a delicate manner. It is definitely smooth and accurate.