Yincrow is a company that makes earbuds. I will be reviewing the Yincrow X6 and would like to thank Lend Me Ur Ears and Yincrow for this review unit. At the moment, you can purchase the Yincrow from Lend Me Ur Ears . The colour of the X6 I will be reviewing is black in colour.



  • Driver: 16mm Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency: 20hz- 20 khz
  • Sensitivity: 112 +/- 3 dB
  • Impedance: 32ohm

Unboxing & Accessories

It comes in a matte black box with the front showing the Yincrow brand name and the model name at the bottom right. At the back, it shows a diagram depicting the components of the earbud. Inside the box, there is the earbud, a brown pouch, foams, shirt clip and an instruction manual.


Earbud Build & Design

The earbud shell is made up of plastic. It is light weight and there is a matte black finish to the shell. There are L & R markings on the left and right shells respectively. On each shell, there are labels “YINCROW” & “X6” in white colour.

Cable Build & Design

The earbud has non-detachable cable. The cable has a smooth black feel to it. There is no chin slider and the y-splitter has a circular aluminium housing with a glossy surface. It has a 45 degree 3.5mm gold plated right angled jack with strain relief.


Sound Analysis


The Yincrow X6 extends deeply in the sub-bass department with an average rumble. I find the quantity to be above average. Each bass note is being presented with authority and bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has a nice slam to it and this helps to improve the overall dynamics of it. The bass is articulate with great extension and has a good amount of quantity. I feel the bass is the star of the show.


The midrange on the Yincrow X6 is quite clean and detailed. The lower mids has enough body and I feel it is sufficient. The upper mids is not very forward. It makes the overall midrange rather laidback. Despite the lack of energy, the midrange is still rather soothing to listen to. It is slightly congested but it is still rather controlled. Resolution is decent with an average layering.


The treble is being extended to a good extent with no sibilance and harshness. There is a good amount of air at the top end. However, there is no sparkle. It presentation is quite laidback and smooth with little aggression. Overall, its laidback nature is non-fatiguing for a long listening session. The definition is quite average..


The Yincrow X6 has a decent width and average depth in the soundstage. The expansion is just nice to prevent congestion of the track. The depth is not very close and there is space. Vocals and instruments positioning is decent.



Yincrow X6 VS TY HI-Z HP32

The Yincrow X6 has more sub-bass extension than the TY HI-Z HP32 and the quantity is more. The X6 has slightly more body and warmer as such. I find the HP32 to have the better bass decay. Bass presentation on both is very tight. There is more rumble on the X6 and I feel this helps to add more punch to the bass, thus improving the overall dynamics. Each bass note is being presented with great articulation. The bass on the X6 has slightly more weight. Bass texture on both is rendered quite smoothly. The mid-bass on the X6 has more slam than the HP32 and improves the punch too. The lower mids on the X6 has more body and male vocals excel as such. The HP32 is slightly more forward in the upper mids department. Female vocals are being presented in a more intimate way. The X6 appears to be laid back in this department. In the treble section, the HP32 is extended better with more details. Air on the HP32 has more quantity. The articulation on both is quite precise. Moving on to the soundstage, HP32 has the better depth and both are similar in the width. Positioning of the vocals and instruments are rather average. Resolution on both are very similar.

Yincrow X6 VS MusicMaker TP16

The Yincrow X6 sub-bass is extended more than the MusicMaker TP16 with more quantity. The X6 is proficient in the bass department and the decay is better with more rumble. Rumble on the X6 is being presented with more accuracy. Bass note on the TP16 is more clean and there is extra clarity. The bass definition on the TP16 is more crisp. The mid-bass on the X6 is more in quantity and contributes to the overall dynamics. The lower mids on the TP16 takes on a neutral approach. The X6 has slightly more body in this department and tackles male vocals better. The upper mids on the TP16 is more forward and the forwardness helps to improve intimacy of female vocals. The control on the TP16 is better. Next, in the treble section, the TP16 operates on a higher level in terms of details retrieval and it is extended with more ease and magnitude. The air on both is very similar. For the soundstage, both have similar width and depth. Vocals and instruments positioning is slightly more precise on the TP16. Layering and separation is average and TP16 has the advantage in it being more refined.

Yincrow X6 vs Paiaudio PR1

The Yincrow X6 has similar sub-bass quantity and more extension than the Paiaudio PR1. The amount of body on both is very similar. The decay on the X6 is slightly better. Rumble on the X6 is better expressed and I find the speed to be faster. PR1 appears to be sluggish in comparison. The way X6 tackles the bass section is operating on a clinical approach and it is tight in the presentation. The mid-bass on the X6 is more impactful and has more slam than the PR1. Lower mids on the both are around the same and X6 is much fuller. Upper mids on the X6 is definitely more controlled on the X6 and it has a good definition to it. Moving on to the treble, the X6 is extended better and packs more details. The air on both is around the same while the articulation is more precise on the X6. Lastly, the X6 has the better width and depth in soundstage which helps to improve the overall positioning of vocals and instruments. Resolution on the X6 is better.


Yincrow X6 is an earbud that focuses on the sub-bass which extends deeply. It has a good control in the midrange and treble but the highlight is still the bass reproduction. Like most earbuds, it is light and comfortable to use. I find the bass to not be overpowering and other frequencies can be expressed too. The Yincrow X6 is a great budget earbud.