I would like to thank Plussound for providing me the Plussound Exo Gold Plated Copper (GPC) Type 6 Litz cable for review. It is 26 AWG and of type UP-OCC. The length is 1.2m. There are 4 cores to this cable. The Plussound Exo GPC I received comes with MMCX connectors and 2.5mm balanced jack. At this moment, you can purchase the cable from .



The cable comes in a black package and upon opening the package, you can see the cable sealed in a plastic wrap packaging. There are 2 amplifier bands and an information card. There is a lack of soft carrying pouch to keep the cable. Overall, the package gives a premium feel to it.


Cable Design & Build

The MMCX connectors on the cable has a housing that is sleeved with a rubber coating. On each of the connector, there is a Plussound logo in blue and red to differentiate between left and right respectively.  On the connector, there is a gold circular metal which I assume is either for grip or design purpose. It gives a sleek feel to the connector. There is no memory wire section. Moving on to the chin slider, it is matte black and is made of aluminium. The slider is circular in shape. The y-splitter is rose gold in colour and is made of aluminium too. The visual appeal is very good as the rose gold y-splitter complements with the matte black chin slider. Lastly, the jack is 2.5mm balanced with strain relief. On the housing sleeve protector, there is the Plussound brand name in gold printed on it.


Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has a slight increase in quantity and this helps to improve the body. The extension is maintained. There is improvement in the rumble and this leads to more punch. Mid-bass has a tighter slam and the dynamics benefit as such. Overall bass has more impact and each bass note is presented with more authority. Decay and cleanliness is maintained. Transition from the lows to the mids is improved rather slightly and bass texture is rendered more smoothly.


There is slightly more body to the mids as the midrange takes on a thick and lush approach. The lower mids benefit from the extra body as male vocals are presented with less hollowness. The upper mids has a slightly improvement in its control and it is less forward. I find that this cable helps to balance the midrange. The detail retrieval and resolution improves too.


The treble extension is similar with more control. There is an added smoothness to the treble with more body. This results in the treble being more organic. The amount of air increases and sparkle is retained. There is no sibilance and harshness. Treble articulation is slightly more precise and definition increases. The treble sounds rather smooth yet still retaining the definition and control.


There is slightly more width in the stage and the depth is maintained. The increase in width helps to improve the positioning of vocals and instruments to avoid congestion. Imaging increases a little bit.



Campfire Audio Andromeda

The sub-bass has more body and the quantity increases. I find the sub-bass quantity is rather appropriate. The extension is maintained. The mid-bass has more slam with improved dynamics. There is an added level of smoothness to the bass. The lower mids benefit greatly due to the quantity on the low end. The upper mids is more smooth and controlled. The treble has similar response as the midrange. The smoothness helps to give more control and there is a higher level of details retrieval. Width of stage increases while the depth is maintained. Resolution improves.

Dunu DK3001

The sub-bass extension increases and the depth provides more punch. I find the cable helps to improve the extension significiantly. Mid-bass is more controlled and operates on a smoother approach. The lower mids is around the same and the upper mids have a superior control with a tinge of smoothness. The treble takes a step back and inclines toward the laid-back approach but there is still energy. Sparkle is present and there is no sibilance and harshness. The details are present in abundance. Stage width increases significantly and depth is maintained. Resolution improves.

Fidue A91

The sub-bass has a heavier weight to it and this makes the decay slightly slow but there is still pace in the sound. I find the mid-bass has a nice slam to it with impact. The lower mids has quantity so male vocals sound thick and not hollow at all. The upper mids is more smooth. The treble of A91 is already quite smooth and this cable ensures it is maintained. The details retrieval is rather good. There is impressive stage width and good depth. Resolution improves.


The Plussound Exo Gold Plated Copper Type 6 Litz is a top cable that is able to showcase a high standard of details retrieval and adds a smoothness to the overall sound. This cable pairs well with balanced and brighter sounding iems. The stage width and depth improves a lot to reduce congestion. The visual appeal of the cable is good and made with top quality parts. This cable is in the premium category of cables with its great build and excellent sonic performance.