Sound Analysis


The FIBAE 2 has a good sub-bass extension and it extends with a moderate rumble. The depth is there to provide the impact. I find the quantity to be sufficient and each bass note is delivered with finesse. It may not be the most punchy type of approach but the smoothness is just excellent. Bass texture is being rendered with ease. The decay is rather moderate and the attack is existent. Moving on to the mid-bass, there is a laid back approach to the way it presents itself. The quantity is good but some would prefer a bigger slam. The bass is just silky smooth and I find it to be very alluring. The smooth and creamy nature of the bass makes the FIBAE 2 a delight to listen.


The midrange operates in a smooth approach. The lower mids has sufficient quantity so male vocals will not sound hollow. It is presented with such a smooth approach that vocals benefit as such. I feel that it is very natural. There is no nasal feeling. The upper mids is controlled nicely. It is still forward but the mastery allows it to be presented in a mature manner. The details are there and the definition is clear. I find the vocals presented on the FIBAE 2 is simply amazing. The intimacy is good coupled with the space being rendered. Resolution is good for a dual drivers iem. To sum it up, it is smooth, polite and detailed.


The treble is extended greatly. There is no sibilance and harshness. The depth in which the FIBAE 2 treble reaches is good and I find the treble to have a very good control. The smooth nature helps to keep the treble soothing and relaxing for long listening. There is not much of sparkle but the fatigue-free listening is a strong positive. There is a good amount of air for space and it helps to lighten the overall presentation so the sound will not be very weighted and dense. Overall, the treble has a good extension and operates in a smooth approach with air.


The FIBAE 2 has quite a good width in its stage and this allows the sound to not be congested. It is open and the stage expansion helps to give a good open feel. The depth is not very close in and there is space. Positioning of vocals and instruments are quite accurate coupled with the imaging. Layering and separation is at a high level. Resolution is great.

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