Fidue is a Chinese company that specializes in producing in-ear monitors. Their popular models are the Fidue A83 and their flagship, Fidue Sirius A91. Recently, they have produced the Fidue A85 Virgo which is a triple hybrid iem consisting of 2 Balanced Armature drivers and 1 Dynamic driver. I would like to thank Penon Audio and Fidue for this review unit. At the moment, you can purchase the Fidue Virgo A85 from and .



  • Drivers: Armature × 2 & Dynamic × 1
  • Frequency Range: 7-41000Hz
  • Impedance: 20Ω
  • Sensitivity: 107dB
  • Max Input Power: 50mW
  • Distortion: <1%

Unboxing & Accessories

The Fidue Virgo comes in a black package with Fidue brand name and the model name printed on it. The transparent film allows one to see 1 side of the Virgo. Inside the package, there is a hard case, 2 packs of tips, 1 pack of foam tips, 1 flight adapter, 1 headphone adapter, 1 metal tool for removing the mmcx cable, 1 cleaning tool and 1 instruction manual.




IEM Build & Design

The Virgo has a matte gun-metal surface to it and it is rather oval in shape. On the faceplate, there are layers like the A83 and A91. There is the Fidue brand name printed on the top layer. The shell is made out of aluminium and it is constructed well. It is light weight. On the inside of each iem shell, there are 2 spots with vents. The nozzle is angled with a metal mesh. Through the metal mesh, there are 2 bores. There are L & R markings near the mmcx socket to differentiate between left and right. Overall, the iem has fantastic build to it.





Cable Build & Design

The cable that comes with the Virgo is made of silver plated oxygen free copper. It is not braided and has a 2 core design. The build quality is quite good. There is flexibility to the cable. On each of the mmcx connectors, there is a ring that indicates left and right. The ring on the left mmcx connector is blue in colour while on the right, it is red in colour. There is a memory cable section that is enclosed in a black rubber tubing. Moving down, the chin slider is squarish with round edges. The y-splitter has Virgo printed on it with strain relief. Lastly, the jack is gold plated with small housing that sports the Fidue brand name. There is strain relief to it.

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Sound Analysis


The Virgo extends its sub-bass greatly with a moderate rumble. It presents itself in a clean manner. The mid-bass has a rather moderate slam to it. There is a good punch and the bass presented is tight and controlled. The decay is moderate with pace. Each bass note is being expressed with weight. Bass nature is towards the slow side but there is still energy in it. Bass texture is rendered smoothly. There is warmth and smoothness. Coupled with the precise bass articulation, the soothing bass approach helps to develop a relaxing feel to the overall music. The transition to the lower mids is smooth too.


The midrange on the Virgo takes on a balanced and smooth approach. The lower mids on the Virgo has a moderate amount of body to it and it does not thickens male vocals too much. The upper mids on the Virgo is not very forward but there is a good control on it. Female vocals are presented gently and the sweetness is being portrayed. The definition of the midrange is clear and at a high standard. There is a good display of details. The mastery in the midrange is matured. Overall, the midrange is relaxing to listen to.


The treble is extended greatly and there is no graininess in it. It is being displayed in a smooth approach. There is no signs of sibilance and harshness. There is a slight lack of crisp since it operates in a rather laid-back manner. The treble has a good amount of body and it is presented with a nice texture. There is a good amount of air at the top end with a mature display. The details retrieval has a high level of standard.


The Virgo is able to excel in the soundstage width. The positioning of vocals and instruments is accurate and there is no congestion at all. The depth is existent with space. Virgo has an open and natural expansion that improves the overall sound.



Fidue Virgo A85 vs iBasso IT03

The Virgo has less sub-bass extension than the IT03 but it has more quantity. The Virgo presents its sub-bass more smoothly and the reproduction is soothing to listen to. The mid-bass on the Virgo is more present and there is more control and mastery. The Virgo excels in the bass dynamics. Bass texture on the Virgo is rendered more smoothly and the bass decay on the IT03 is faster with each note having a more impactful hit. The bass nature on both is quite different. On the Virgo, it is soothing while on the IT03, there is agility to the bass. The lower mids on the Virgo has more quantity. Male vocals are presented well. The upper mids on the IT03 is more forward but the Virgo has more control and mastery. Female vocals are more energetic on the IT03 but matured sounding on the Virgo. In the treble section, the Virgo operates in a smooth and detailed approach while IT03 is bright. There is slight sibilance and harshness for the IT03 but there is none on the Virgo. The amount of air rendered is very similar but Virgo has an edge. For soundstage, the Virgo has a more natural expansion in its stage width and there is better depth. Both are not congested. The resolution on both is very similar.

Fidue Virgo A85 vs Dunu DK-3001

The Virgo has more sub-bass quantity than the DK-3001 but there is more extension on the DK-3001. The depth is better expressed. There is definition in their bass reproduction but there is slightly more crisp on the DK-3001. The mid-bass on the A85 has more weight and I find it to have a nice slam. DK-3001 approaches it in a more authoritative approach. The lower mids on the A85 is more full and the body allows it to display male vocals better. The upper mids on the DK-3001 is slightly more forward with more crisp and definition. Female vocals sound smooth on the Virgo and sound exciting on the DK-3001. In terms of treble, DK-3001 extends better with more brightness and sparkle. Virgo operates in a different approach and targets the smooth and relaxing style. Treble articulation on both is very similar. The soundstage of Virgo has a more natural expansion in its width while the depth is better presented in the DK-3001. The resolution on the DK-3001 is slightly better.

Fidue Virgo A85 vs Oriolus Forsteni

The sub-bass quantity on the Virgo is more than the Forsteni and there is similar extension. On the Forsteni, definition is slightly more. Bass texture on the Virgo is much smoother. The bass decay on both is very similar. Mid-bass of the Virgo is more musical with a fuller body slam. Each bass note on the Forsteni has more agility but there is compromise on the musicality. I feel the Forsteni has a good engagement but the Virgo presents its bass note in a matured soothing way which makes it a relaxing listen. There is finesse displayed by the Virgo. The lower mids on the Virgo is better expressed with more body. The upper mids on the Forsteni is slightly more forward and appears to be shouty in comparison. The treble on the Forsteni is more bright but the articulation on the Virgo is more precise. There is more sparkle on the Forsteni but both display similar amount of air. Resolution on the Virgo is better.


The Fidue Virgo is a triple hybrid iem that demonstrates a high level of maturity with a smooth approach. It provides a soothing yet detailed sound that is not fatiguing and easy to listen to. Coupled with the accessories, the Virgo is quite a complete package. Fidue has done well again in the Virgo. The Virgo is solid in both the sound and build quality.