IEM Build & Design

The IT01 has a smooth surface to it. The left side is blue in colour while the right side is red in colour. On the inside of each iem, there are 2 vents and on the top side of each iem, there are L & R markings to differentiate between left and right. The IT01 has a nice shape to it and I am able to fit them in my ears comfortably. The nozzle is slightly angled and has a silver exterior surface. There is metal mesh for earwax prevention. It utilizes mmcx sockets. Overall, the IT01 is constructed nicely.





Cable Build & Design

The cable provided is made of high purity copper wire. It is braided and has a 4 core design. The build quality on the cable is good. Cable has a smooth texture to it. The mmcx connectors have a transparent housing. On the left mmcx connector, there is a blue dot with a clear ‘L’ marking to indicate that it is the left side. Likewise, for the right mmcx connector, there is a red dot with a clear ‘R’ to indicate that it is the right side. There is a memory cable section that is enclosed in a transparent rubber tubing. It is quite flexible. Moving on to the chin slider, it is silver in colour and circular in shape while the y splitter is a longer version of the chin slider. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm gold plated and has a silver housing with the words “iBasso Audio” printed on it. There is strain relief to it.


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