TinAudio is a Chinese company that produces iems. Currently, they have 2 iems in their lineup. They are the T515 and T2. In this review, I will be reviewing the TinAudio T2. It is a dual dynamic drivers iem. I would like to thank Penon and TinAudio for this review unit. You can purchase the T2 from .



  • Driver: Dynamic 10mm woofer + 6mm tweeter
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Frequency response range: 12-40000Hz

Unboxing & Accessories

The T2 comes in a blue rectangular box that has the Tin Audio logo printed at the bottom right. The surface of the box is very smooth. It has a white protective package that sports the brand name and logo at the bottom left and the model name at the top right. After opening the package, you can see the instruction manual and the T2. Beneath the foam, there is a pack of silicone tips of size S, M and L.




IEM Build & Design

The T2 has a glossy gun-metal faceplate and there is a vent on it. It has a smooth surface to it. The shell has a matte feel to it. The T2 has an interesting design. It is rather small and I can fit it in my ears comfortably. The T2 is made of aluminium. On the inside of the shell, there is a vent and it is circular in shape. The nozzle is straight with a metal mesh to prevent earwax. The overall build is quite solid and there is a good visual design.




Cable Build & Design

The cable is 5N oxygen free copper silver-plated. On each of the mmcx connectors, there are L & R markings on the left and right respectively. There is a dot at the left connector to represent the left side. There is no memory wire section and the y-splitter is a translucent heat-shrink tube. The chin slider is a transparent heat-shrink tube. Moving down to the jack, it is gold plated and the housing has a carbon fibre design with a gold exterior surface. There is strain relief to it.


Sound Analysis


The sub-bass of the T2 has quite a good extension to it with a moderate rumble. The sub-bass presentation is moderate. Next, the mid-bass is agile and the slam is quick. With such an approach, the dynamics benefits a lot. Bass decay is fairly fast and each bass note is presented with agility. The cleanliness helps to raise the performance and the bass texture is great. In addition, there is quite a good weight to the bass and the approach is satisfying to listen to. The bass dynamics is excellent and it provides a very engaging sound. There is a good transition from the lows to the lower mids.


The T2 excels in its midrange and it is very enjoyable to listen to. The midrange allows vocals to be presented with a nice body. The quantity is quite suitable for the overall sound. The lower mids has a great quantity to it and it is able to tackle male vocals with ease. Male vocals are presented in a very emotional way and there is weight to it. The upper mids on the T2 is slightly forward and female vocals are energetic and intimate. The details retrieval is of a moderate standard.


There is extension to the treble and it is presented with no sibilance and harshness. Though it is not the most detailed, there is a good energy in its presentation. With a good control and moderate amount of air at the top end, the treble is engaging to listen to. The clarity is quite good and with definition and crisp, the overall treble packs details.


The T2 has a moderate expansion in its width and the depth is not close in. I find there is slight congestion in busier tracks. The stage has a open feel to it and it sounds great.



Tin Audio T2 vs TFZ Exclusive 1

The T2 has less sub-bass quantity than the Exclusive 1 but there is more extension to it. T2 presents its sub-bass more cleanly and each hit is more impactful. Decay on the T2 is faster. The Exclusive 1 has more weight and it is unable to keep up with the T2. Rumble on the T2 is quicker and has more speed. There is a better technical performance on the T2. The mid-bass on the T2 has less quantity but the slam has more finesse and the dynamics benefit as such. The lower mids on the Exclusive 1 has more body and this allows male vocals to not sound hollow. T2 has slightly less quantity here but it sounds more clean. The upper mids on the T2 has better mastery and female vocals are being presented with more control. The midrange is not very dense sounding on the T2. Exclusive 1 has quite a heavy presentation. Next, in the treble section, the T2 is more extended and there is no sibilance and harshness. There are more details on the T2. The air on both is very similar. Lastly, for the soundstage, there is more width and depth on the T2 and the positioning of vocals and instruments is better.

Tin Audio T2 vs BGVP SGZ DN1

The T2 has less sub-bass quantity but it is extended greater than the DN1. The bass on the T2 is slightly more linear. The sub-bass on the T2 has more agility and there is a quicker decay. The depth it stretches to is further. Rumble on the T2 has more energy. The mid-bass quantity on the T2 is quite similar to the DN1 but there is slightly less weight. Bass texture on the DN1 is smoother. The lower mids on the DN1 has more body and it is more dense sounding as compared to T2. The upper mids on the T2 is more controlled and there is an added level of cleanliness to it. I find that T2 presents it with crisp and definition. Next, in the treble section, the articulation is more accurate on the T2. T2 has more air rendered. Lastly, in terms of soundstage, T2 has the width but DN1 has a more natural expansion. Depth on the T2 is better with more space. Resolution on the T2 is better and it packs more details.

Tin Audio T2 vs Kinera BD005E

The T2 has similar sub-bass quantity as the BD005E and it is extended more. The T2 has more depth in its extension. Decay on the T2 is quicker with a more engaging rumble. Bass texture on the BD005E is rendered more smoothly. Each bass note on the T2 is presented with a clinical hit and there is more impact. The mid-bass on the T2 has more agility and there is more dynamics. The lower mids on the BD005E has more body and with more quantity, male vocals are better expressed. The upper mids on the T2 is more crisp and organic. In terms of soundstage, T2 excels in both width and depth. Resolution of T2 is better.


The Tin Audio T2 is an excellent neutral sounding iem that has an engaging bass presentation and a clean midrange. It is able to provide details and there are emotions involved. In addition, it comes with a detachable cable and build quality is great. Overall, the T2 sound signature is very enjoyable.