Kinera is a Chinese company that specialises in making iems. They produce hybrid iems such as the BD005 and H3. Recently, they have come up with their first earbud. I would like to thank Kinera for this review unit.



  • Driver unit: Dynamic driver
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 115 +/- 2dB
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20Khz

Unboxing & Accessories

The earbud comes in a black rectangular soft carrying case with the Kinera brand name printed on it. Inside the case, there is a pack of foams and the Kinera earbud. There is a wire mesh in the case for separating the earbud and other accessories.


Earbud Build & Design

The earbud has a plastic black shell with green glitters. On each of the shell, there is the Kinera brand printed on it in white colour. The arrow on the Kinera shell helps to differentiate between left and right. There are 2 vents at the middle of the earbud. The earbud has a smooth surface to it and it is aesthetically appealing.



photo_2017-12-03_02-25-11 (2)

Cable Build & Design

The cable has a 4 core braided design and it is black in colour. There is no memory wire area section. The y-splitter is black in colour with silver stripes at the top and bottom of the housing. The jack is 3.5mm gold plated and has a black housing with grip.


Sound Analysis


The Kinera earbud has a moderate amount of sub-bass quantity with a decent extension. It operates in a rather laid-back approach. The rumble is decent. Bass decay is moderate and each bass note is presented nicely in a soothing way. Bass texture is smooth. Mid-bass does not have much slam to it. Overall, the bass presents itself in a warm and smooth manner without sounding too dense.


The midrange is conservative and gentle. The lower mids has enough body to tackle male vocals. Moving on to the upper mids, the forwardness is not very obvious but female vocals are still presented well. The crisp and definition is moderate. The polite style is quite relaxing to listen to.


The treble is extended decently and there is no sibilance and harshness. It operates in a smooth manner. There is no grain to it. The details retrieval has a moderate standard and the air rendered has a fair amount. The laid-back approach ensures a fatigue-free listening.


The stage width and depth are quite moderate. When dealing with busier tracks, there is some congestion. There is space rendered but this performance is normally what you expect from an earbud at this price range.


Kinera earbud is the first earbud produced by Kinera and it delivers with a smooth and controlled sound that ensures a fatigue-free listening. Furthermore, it has a great visual appeal with the green glitters on the shell. The Kinera earbud is excellent at its price point, 23 USD.