Earbud Build & Design

The BS1 Official has the Penon brand name printed on it in grey colour. The shell has a smooth matte black finish to it. It has a circular shape. The housing is made of aluminium. The strain relief has a blue and red housing to differentiate between left and right respectively. There are 3 vents at the bottom of the housing. The earbud is constructed well.





Cable Build & Design

The cable has a 8 core design and it is braided well. It consists of 19 strands per core and the material is a combination of copper and silver-plated copper. Moving down to the chin slider, it is black and circular in shape. The y-splitter has carbon fibre design and sports the model name in white colour. Lastly, there is a gold plated copper straight jack and the housing has carbon fibre on it with strain relief. There is the brand name printed on the housing. The overall cable design gives a premium feel and I find it aesthetically pleasing. The cable is quite soft and supple for a 8 core.


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