Sound Analysis


The BS1 Official has good sub-bass quantity and there is a nice boost. The sub-bass is being extended with a nice depth and there is a speedy rumble. The agility helps to inject excitement into the sound. There is a good display of technicality and the decay is pacey. The mid-bass on the BS1 Official has a moderate amount of quantity and the slam has enough weight for an impact. There is a strong control in its bass presentation. The combination of quantity and agility is able to produce a harmonious performance. Bass texture is smooth. The articulation is quite accurate. The approach the BS1 Official operates on presents the bass with speed and body.


The BS1 Official has a gorgeous midrange and it is displayed with excellent finesse. The midrange is able to tackle vocals with ease be it male vocals or female vocals. There is richness in the mids due to the body. Vocals are presented in a very intimate manner and the body helps to improve the realism of it. The lower mids has a great quantity to it and male vocals are being expressed without sounding hollow. It is able to convey emotions well. For the upper mids, there is body to it and it is presented with forwardness. Along with the crisp, there is a nice organic presentation. Female vocals are being displayed with intimacy and the definition is excellent. There is a high standard of details retrieval.


The treble is extended with a good depth. It packs details and there is clarity. There is no sibilance and harshness. The treble takes on a full-bodied approach with accurate articulation. The amount of air rendered has a great amount and this helps to allow the lighten the presentation which complements the overall full-bodied sound. There is a great definition to it. The treble has a smooth nature to it and packs energy.


Due to the full-bodied approach, the expansion of the soundstage is very natural and it makes the overall sound realistic. There is a great width and the depth has good space to it. The Penon BS1 Official can keep up with busier tracks and there is minimal congestion.

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