Sound Analysis


The Early has great sub-bass quantity and it is extended well. It operates in a smooth and impactful way. There is depth to it. The execution is confident and provides an engaging listen. The rumble is moderate and provides a nice punch to the overall sound. The bass presentation operates in a musical way and each bass note is expressed with confidence. The mid-bass has a moderate quantity and the slam is delivered with some weight to it. The bass does not exert itself aggressively and may lack the authority for a visceral impact. There is a seamless transition from the lows to the lower mids.


The midrange is quite clean with a moderate level of transparency. It is being presented in a silky smooth manner. The lower mids has a moderate quantity to it with no nasal and dry feeling. There is a natural presentation and male vocals are being displayed with emotions. The upper mids is quite forward and the control is very tight to prevent it from being shouty. There is a great definition. Female vocals are presented in an intimate and smooth manner. I find the vocals to have an appropriate amount of body and it is expressed effortlessly yet retains great details retrieval.


The treble is extended greatly and there is no sibilance and harshness. The depth the Early extends to is great and the mastery on the treble showcases its finesse. The crisp is moderate and there is a lack of sparkle for excitement. The amount of air rendered is moderate and it is sufficient to complement the overall sound. It is being presented in such a smooth manner. The treble articulation has a nice definition. There is clarity and overall, the treble is detailed and laid-back for a fatigue-free listening.


The soundstage has a very natural expansion in its width and it is realistic. The magnitude is moderate and the depth has a great amount of space rendered. There is good layering and separation. Vocals and instruments positioning is precise.

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