EARNiNE is a Korean company that specializes in producing in-ear monitors. In 2016, they released their first iems in EN1J and EN2J. Next, they released the EN120 and EN210 in 2017. I will be reviewing the EN120 which is a single balanced armature driver iem. I would like to thank EARNiNE  for this review unit. At the moment, you can get them on ,  and .



  • Driver Configuration: 1 Balanced Armature Drivers (Full-Range)
  • Sensitivity: 104dB +/- 3dB at 1kHz
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 22 ohms +/- 20% at 1kHz

Unboxing & Accessories

The EARNiNE EN120 comes in a matte black package which sports the brand name, image of the EN120 and the model name. At the bottom of the cover front, there are the words, “Clear Sound In-Ear Earphones”. After opening the package, you will see the iem. There are an instruction manual and 2 packs of silicone eartips (S, L).



IEM Build & Design

The EN120 has a circular shell and it is straight. There is a glossy silver surface to it. The nozzle is straight with metal mesh for earwax prevention. At the part of the housing facing outwards, there is the brand logo printed on it. The iem is lightweight and small. I am able to fit it in my ears comfortably.





Cable Build & Design

The cable that comes with the EN120 is non-detachable and it is braided with a 4 core design. It is soft and supple. There are L & R markings on the strain relief connecting to the housing of the iem for differentiation between left and right. There is no memory wire cable section. Moving down, the chin slider has a circular shape and it is made of a soft rubber. The y-splitter has a matte black surface to it with strain relief. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm gold plated right angled with a housing that is gun-metal in colour and there is strain relief. On the circular part of the housing, there is the EARNiNE logo printed on it.


Sound Analysis


The EN120 has a good amount of sub-bass quantity and it is extended rather decently. The rumble is moderate and it is enough to produce an impact. Each bass note is being articulated tightly and precisely. The bass definition is moderate. The decay on the bass is good and it showcases the agility well. The mid-bass of the EN120 has a nice slam to it that does not exerts itself greatly. It does not have a very weighted feel to it. Bass texture is fairly smooth. Overall, the bass is slightly warm and there is precision.


The midrange is rather neutral and does not show any signs of it being recessed. The lower mids has a moderate amount and the body prevents male vocals from sounding hollow. It is presented in a smooth manner. The upper mids on the EN120 is not very forward and female vocals are not being expressed with a lively approach. There is a lack of crisp. The midrange is being delivered smoothly with sufficient details.


The treble is extended moderately and has a good body to it. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is not a lot and it is not able to keep up with busier tracks. The treble articulation is accurate. There is a lack of crisp and sparkle to inject some excitement. The definition is moderate. The treble is smooth and there is rather good details retrieval. It is fatigue-free and allows a long listening session.


The EN120 has a moderately natural expansion in its width and the magnitude is decent. The depth is rendered with a nice amount of space. The positioning of vocals and instruments is rather accurate but when tackling busier tracks, there is slight congestion.



EARNiNE EN120 vs Advanced M4

Th EN120 has less sub-bass quantity and extension than the M4. The M4 has the edge in sub-bass reproduction and there is better definition. The mid-bass on the M4 has less body than the EN120 and slam does not have much weight. EN120 has a more impactful mid-bass slam. The bass texture on the EN120 is smoother while bass decay on the M4 is quicker. The lower mids on the EN120 has more body than the M4 and male vocals benefit. For the upper mids section, the M4 is more forward but the EN120 has the better control. Female vocals are being expressed rather differently in a laid back or exciting approach. The midrange on the M4 has the better transparency. Next, in the treble section, the M4 has more extension than the EN120 and there is better definition. However, the M4 is prone to sibilance and harshness. The EN120 approaches it in a smoother manner and the treble is articulated precisely. The soundstage width on the M4 is better while the depth on both is similar.

EARNiNE EN120 vs Final Audio E3000

The EN120 has more sub-bass quantity than the E3000 but there is better extension on the E3000. The mid-bass of the EN120 has more weight than the E3000 and the body helps to give a more impactful slam. The E3000 is more agile with quicker bass decay. Bass texture on the EN120 is smoother. The lower mids on the EN120 has more quantity and the extra body helps. The upper mids on the E3000 is forward with a nice crisp to it. Female vocals are presented in a organic manner. The treble on the E3000 is extended better while the EN120 approaches it with more control. EN120 displays a very matured presentation. The soundstage of the E3000 has a greater magnitude in its width while the depth on the EN120 is rendered better.

EARNiNE EN120 vs Surround Co-Donguri Shizuku

The EN120 has more sub-bass quantity than the Shizuku with less extension. The mid-bass of the Shizuku has similar quantity as the EN120 and the slam helps to aid the overall dynamics. The Shizuku has a quicker bass decay while the EN120 has a good mastery. Bass texture on the EN120 is smoother. The lower mids on the EN120 has more body to it and this prevents male vocals from sounding hollow. The upper mids on the Shizuku is more forward with extra definition. Female vocals sound more intimate here. The EN120 tackles it midrange with a velvety approach. In the treble section, the Shizuku has the slight edge while the EN120 takes on the treble with more finesse. The soundstage of both has similar width and depth.


The EN120 is a neutral sounding iem that delivers details with ease. Although there is lack of extension on both ends, the EN120 displays a good performance with finesse and accuracy. The EN120 is constructed well with good fit. The silver finish gives the EN120 a slick look. EARNiNE has produced a great budget iem in the EN120.