Sound Analysis


The Falcon-C has moderate sub-bass quantity and it is extended with great depth. The sub-bass reproduction is delightful. The rumble is quick with a smooth touch. Each bass note is being articulated precisely. There is good tightness and control. Bass decay is pacey and there is a very engaging performance. There is good dynamics with sufficient punch. The mid-bass has moderate quantity to it and the slam is not hard hitting. Bass texture is moderately smooth. The bass does not have a visceral impact but it takes on a lively approach with clinical attack.


The midrange is slightly recessed. There is a good level of transparency with cleanliness. It does not operate in a thick and lush manner. The lower mids has a moderate amount of body and male vocals are being expressed in a pleasant way. The upper mids has great forwardness to it and it benefits female vocals. Female vocals are presented with intimacy and there is a strong engagement. There is finesse and the control on the vocals prevents it from being shouty. The details retrieval is excellent with good definition.


The treble has a great extension and it is bright. There is no sibilance and harshness. The Falcon-C is able to extend the treble to a certain extent and it showcases good technicality. The crisp is moderate with sparkle. This elevates the engagement. The amount of air rendered is good and gives a nicer airy presentation. The treble is expressed well with definition and it gives a detailed listening experience.


The soundstage has a rather natural expansion in its width. The magnitude is quite good and it gives an open feel to it. The depth has a moderate amount of space and it does not feel close in. Vocals and instruments positioning is precise. There is minimal congestion.


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