Dunu Falcon-C vs Mee Audio Pinnacle P1

The Falcon-C has more sub-bass than the P1 with a greater extension. Its sub-bass reproduction is able to deliver more kick and it is able to create an impactful performance. The mid-bass on the Falcon-C has more body with a stronger slam. Bass decay on the Falcon-C is more pacey and the agility helps to elevate the overall engagement. Bass texture on both is smooth. Each bass note on both is expressed with a clean hit but there is more authority with the Falcon-C. Rumble on the Falcon-C is quicker. The lower mids of the Falcon-C has more body than the P1 and it sounds fuller. Male vocals are better expressed on the Falcon-C. The upper mids on the Falcon-C is more forward and female vocals sound engaging. Details retrieval on both is similar. Moving on to the treble section, P1 has the edge for the crisp and sparkle. Falcon-C takes on a smoother approach. Treble on both is detailed. The amount of air rendered on the Falcon-C has a greater amount for an airier presentation. Lastly, the width on both has similar magnitude and P1 has the slightly better depth.

Dunu Falcon-C vs iBasso IT03

The Falcon-C has less sub-bass quantity than the IT03. The IT03 is able to extend its sub-bass deeper and there is more punch. The engagement level on the IT03 is higher. The mid-bass on the Falcon-C has slightly more quantity than the IT03 but the slam on the IT03 is more powerful. Bass decay on the IT03 is quicker but Falcon-C is not very far behind. The Falcon-C has a smoother bass texture. Each bass note on the IT03 is expressed with authority. The lower mids on the Falcon-C has more quantity and it is able to tackle male vocals better. The upper mids on both are quite forward but the Falcon-C has the edge with its finesse. Vocals are presented with more intimacy on the Falcon-C. The treble on the IT03 is slightly more extended with extra air and sparkle. On the other hand, the Falcon-C treble is less bright and there is control. Lastly, the Falcon-C has a more natural expansion while the magnitude for the IT03 is greater. The depth of IT03 is slightly better.

Dunu Falcon-C vs Hifiman RE800

The Falcon-C has more sub-bass quantity than the RE800 and the RE800 extends with a greater depth. There is a quicker rumble to the RE800 and decay is more pacey. Bass texture on the Falcon-C is smoother. The mid-bass on both has moderate quantity and the slam on the RE800 is expressed more cleanly. The lower mids of the Falcon-C has slightly more quantity with great texture. The upper mids of the RE800 has extra forwardness and it sounds cleaner with crisp. The midrange definition on the RE800 is better. The treble on both is well extended but the RE800 has the advantage with more air and sparkle rendered. The Falcon-C presents its treble with additional smoothness. The treble articulation on both is accurate and they demonstrate good details retrieval. The RE800 has slightly more technicality. Lastly, the Falcon-C expands it stage with a very realistic feel. The RE800 has the better magnitude and depth with more space rendered.

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