TY Hi-Z is an earbud company. Recently, they have come up with the TY Hi-Z F300C. I would like to thank Penon Audio and TY Hi-Z for this review unit. At the moment, you can purchase it from .



  • Driver: 15.4mm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance: 300 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 115 ± 5 dB
  • Frequency range: 16Hz – 24kHz

Unboxing & Accessories

The F300C comes in a brown package that contains a soft carrying case which contains the earbud. There is also a small box for the foams.


Earbud Build & Design

The earbud shell is made up of plastic. It is light weight and there is a matte black finish to the shell. There are L & R markings on the left and right shells respectively. On each shell, there are labels “TY Hi-Z” & “AWK-F300C”.



Cable Build & Design

The cable is simple. There is no chin slider and the y-splitter is made up of a soft rubber. It has a 3.5mm gold plated right angled jack with strain relief.


Sound Analysis


The F300C has a laid-back bass presentation. The sub-bass does not have much quantity and it is extended moderately. The mid-bass has decent quantity to it and the slam does not hit hard at all. Bass texture is smooth and decay is not that pacey.


The midrange takes on a conservative approach and it is being expressed with a moderate amount of body. The lower mids has sufficient quantity to tackle male vocals and it does not sound hollow. The upper mids has moderate crisp and there is a good control.


The treble has a moderate amount of quantity and the extension is decent. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is good. The level of control on the treble is rather good. It is presented smoothly.


The F300C has a natural expansion in its stage width. The magnitude is average. The depth is slightly close in. Positioning of instruments and vocals is average.



TY Hi-Z F300C vs Yincrow X6

The F300C has less sub-bass quantity and extension than the X6. The X6 is able to extend its sub-bass further. There is more punch on the X6. X6 exerts more authority. The mid-bass on the X6 has more quantity and the slam has a weighted feel. The lower mids on the X6 has more body and it is able to tackle male vocals better. The F300C has extra crisp in its upper mids and demonstrates more finesse. For the treble section, there is no sibilance and harshness. F300C has more extension and the air rendered has a greater quantity. F300C is capable to deliver an organic performance. In terms of soundstage, F300C has a more spacious feel with better width and depth.

TY Hi-Z F300C vs TY Hi-Z F32MT

The F300C has more sub-bass quantity but the F32MT extends its sub-bass further. Bass decay on the F32MT is quicker but the F300C excels with a smoother bass texture. The mid-bass of the F300C has slightly more body but the F32M presents its slam with more agility. The lower mids of the F300C has more quantity while for the upper mids section, F32MT has more crisp and definition. This allows it to produce an organic performance. The treble on the F32MT has more extension. Treble articulation is more precise. There is more air rendered on the F32MT. In terms of soundstage, F300C is slightly ahead with higher technicality.


The F300C is a smooth sounding earbud that takes on a polite approach. It is able to present the sound in a delicate manner. The TY Hi-Z F300C performs well at its price point.