Oriveti is founded in 2015. They start out with their first IEM in Oriveti Primacy which is a hybrid iem with a 2 Balanced Armature and 1 Dynamic configuration. Since then, they have replaced the Oriveti Primacy with Oriveti New Primacy as well as coming up with their entry level iem in Oriveti Basic. In addition, they have their upgrade cable, Affinity. I would like to thank Oriveti for the review unit of Affinity. As of now, you can purchase the Oriveti Affinity on their official website, .


Unboxing & Accessories

The Affinity comes in a a grey package . The cover shows the brand logo, brand name and model name. After removing the cover, there is a black carrying case that sports the brand name. The case contains a carabiner and silver package with the cable inside.



Cable Build & Design

The cable is made of 6N OCC and silver-plated copper. It utilizes a 8 core braided design. The Affinity I will be reviewing has 2 pins 0.78mm connectors and 3.5mm jack. The cable can be customized in many ways subject to the availability of the component. The connectors are angled and have a translucent clear housing with left and right marking on the left and right side respectively. There is a memory wire area section in which the cable is enclosed in a translucent heat shrink tube. There is a metal inside to form the shape. The chin slider is translucent clear and the y-splitter has a grey housing with the brand name printed on it. The jack is 3.5mm gold plated right angled. It has a silver housing with red stripes and grip. There is strain relief.


Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


There is more sub-bass quantity and this results in a fuller sub-bass reproduction. The extension is around the same. Rumble is more present and the speed is maintained. Bass decay has a similar speed while bass texture improves with additional smoothness. The mid-bass has slightly extra body which helps to give the slam a weighted feel. It creates a greater impact which provides a soothing punch. The bass note is articulated with similar precision.


The midrange benefits with the extra body. It takes on a more full-bodied approach and vocals reproduction improves with lushness. The transparency and cleanliness are maintained. The lower mids has an increase in its body and male vocals are expressed well with a slight thickness. The upper mids is slightly forward with quantity. Female vocals are presented in a more organic manner. There is an increase in the overall smoothness and definition is kept.


The treble faces a slight improvement in its extension and the body is maintained. There is no sibilance and harshness. There is better crisp and sparkle. Treble is articulated with better definition. The amount of air rendered at the top end is similar. The details retrieval is good. In addition, the Affinity helps to add control for a matured presentation. The treble is enjoyable to listen as there is a good balance of details and body.


The soundstage is expanded more naturally with a greater magnitude. It is able to give an open feel. The depth is maintained the same. Positioning of vocals and instruments improves.


The Affinity is a excellent hybrid cable that is able to provide a tighter bass reproduction and crispier treble presentation. The overall definition improves with greater soundstage. The Oriveti Affinity is another great product from Oriveti and it delivers.