PMH2 is a hybrid iem that has a driver configuration of 1 Balanced Armature and 1 Dynamic.  I would like to thank Penon Audio for this review unit. At the moment, you can purchase the iem from .



  • Driver:1 Balanced Armature + 1 Dynamic
  • Impedance: 16Ω ±15%
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz—20KHz
  • Sensitivity:101±1db

Unboxing & Accessories

The PMH2 comes in a black package which contains a black carrying case. Inside the carrying case, there are the iem and a pack of silicone tips. It is a simple unboxing.


IEM Build & Design

The PMH2 has a black shell with a silver vent at the back of the iem. There are L & R markings on each side. The nozzle is straight with metal mesh for earwax prevention. The iem has no detachable cable and it is light weight. I am able to get a good fit from the PMH2.



Cable Build & Design

The cable is black in color and it is not braided. There is strain relief on each side. The cable has no chin-slider. The y-splitter has a black circular housing with 2 silver stripes. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm straight gold plated with strain relief and the housing has a silver stripe.


Sound Analysis


The PMH2 has a decent sub-bass extension and the quantity is rather moderate. The sub-bass does not extend very deeply. The rumble has speed with a moderate engagement. Bass decay is fairly quick and each bass note is presented well with little authority. The mid-bass takes on a laid-back approach and the slam is smooth.


The midrange has decent transparency with a moderate level of cleanliness. The lower mids has good quantity to it and male vocals are presented well without sounding hollow or dry. It is not being expressed in a thick manner. The upper mids has slight forwardness and female vocals are presented well with some intimacy. The crisp is lacking. The details retrieval is decent.


The treble does not have a good extension. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is little which results in congestion at times. The treble takes on a smooth approach but lacks the excitement. It is quite soothing to listen to for a long listening session.


The PMH2 has a natural expansion in its stage but the width magnitude is moderate. The depth has a decent amount of space rendered. When tackling busier tracks, there is slight congestion.



PMH2 vs Kinera BD005E

The PMH2 has similar sub-bass quantity as the BD005E and there is better extension on the PMH2. The mid-bass of the PMH2 has more body than the BD005E but the slam on the BD005E has more impact. Bass decay on the PMH2 is slightly quicker while the BD005E has a smoother bass texture. The lower mids on the PMH2 has less quantity than the BD005E. The upper mids on the PMH2 is more forward. The crisp is lacking. There is better intimacy of female vocals on the PMH2. The treble on the PMH2 is extended slightly better. Both takes on a smoother approach but PMH2 has a higher level of details retrieval. The soundstage of both has similar magnitude and PMH2 has more depth.


The PMH2 has less sub-bass quantity than the DN1 and the extension is better. The mid-bass of the DN1 has slightly more body and this helps to improve the slam. The overall dynamics benefit as such. PMH2 has a quicker bass decay while DN1 has a smoother bass texture. The lower mids on DN1 has extra body and it presents male vocals better. The upper mids on the PMH2 is more forward with extra definition. Female vocals are expressed with a nice bite here. The transparency on the PMH2 is better. In the treble section, the PMH2 is extended better and the amount of air rendered is more. There is no sibilance and harshness. The treble articulation is slightly more precise on the PMH2 and there is better details retrieval. Lastly, the soundstage width on the PMH2 has more magnitude and the depth has an increased amount of space.


The PMH2 is an affordable hybrid iem that is able to produce an engaging sound with a smooth bass reproduction. It is great for long listening sessions with its fatigue-free approach. The PMH2 maintains a moderate level of cleanliness throughout and it is enjoyable to listen to.