Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass quantity faces a slight increase which helps to create a fuller performance. It is able to extend well and the overall tightness increases which results in a more controlled bass reproduction. The bass texture is similar while the bass decay picks up additional speed. There is extra punch as each bass note is articulated with authority and it is able to strike with more power. The bass is able to deliver a strong impact and it increases the engagement level. There is great liveliness.


The midrange becomes brighter and it faces an increase in its cleanliness. The transparency improves which causes vocals to be expressed clearly with minimal congestion. There is greater definition and the technical aspect has a higher standard. The lower mids has a marginal increase in the body and it helps to create a thicker approach which benefits male vocals. There is a smooth execution. The upper mids are more forward and the sublime delivery has the ability to produce a captivating female vocals masterclass. The crisp is maintained well. The details retrieval amplifies to a higher standard.


The treble is able to extend with slightly more magnitude whilst still keeping its body. There is no sibilance and harshness. The crisp is similar and there is a small addition in sparkle. The smoothness is maintained and there is additional air rendered at the top to provide more space. The treble articulation is precise and it showcases extra finesse. The treble presentation is enjoyable and provides some kick.


The stage has a more natural expansion and it improves tremendously with a huge width. The depth slightly increases with an effective amount of space. Positioning of vocals and instruments improves and results in an open feel.



The GS849 is a remarkable hybrid cable that is able to tighten the bass and provides the additional punch for greater impact. In addition, the midrange is being tackled well with an increased amount of details whilst the treble is expressed in an effortless manner. The overall sound experiences an increase in definition and showcases great flair. The Penon GS849 is Penon’s current flagship cable and it is nothing short of impressive.