Sound Analysis


The IE 800 S has a good amount of sub-bass quantity with the ability to extend greatly. There is a smooth and confident delivery which is able to create a pleasant engagement that is not too aggressive. The rumble is controlled and comes with a natural feeling. The bass texture is rendered in a velvety manner. Bass decay has a moderate speed to it with agility. There is a high level of command as the bass reproduction maintains a strict tightness throughout. The mid-bass has a moderate quantity and it is able to express the slam with a nice weighted feel. There is a nice punch and it brings a more impactful sound. The IE 800 S showcases a skilful execution in the bass reproduction. The transition from the lows to the lower mids is seamless.


The midrange is excellent with a good balance of musicality and technicality. There is a moderate level of transparency and cleanliness is expressed well. It is able to tackle busy tracks too with minimal congestion. The lower mids has a moderate quantity and there are no signs of nasal/dry feeling. The body benefits male vocals greatly with naturalness. The upper mids has a forwardness with strong mastery. Female vocals are presented in an intimate and organic manner. The IE 800 S demonstrates a good standard of details retrieval. There is a strong finesse and vocals presentation has nice emotions.


The treble is extended well and there is no sibilance and harshness. The IE 800 S is able showcase a good technical aspect. The amount of air rendered has a moderate amount with nice crisp and sparkle that helps to inject some excitement into the sound. There is good clarity shown while details are expressed in an effortless manner. It ensures a fatigue-free listening session and provides an excellent definition.


The soundstage is able to give a spacious feel. There is a natural expansion which improves the musicality. The width magnitude is fantastic which provides an outstanding openness. The depth is slightly closed in with a moderate amount of space rendered. It is able to increase the intimacy level. Positioning of vocals and instruments is precise.

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