Sound Analysis


The Dream has moderate sub-bass quantity and the sub-bass is presented well without sounding aggressive. There is a nice extension. The bass decay is rather quick with agility and the bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has a decent amount of body and the slam does not have a weighted feel. Each bass note is articulated well with accuracy and the definition is decent. The warmth helps to give a soothing listen. It demonstrates good finesse overall but the punch might be lacking for some. There is a clean bass reproduction.


The Dream has an engaging midrange that provides an alluring feel. The midrange is executed in a fine manner that benefits both male and female vocals. There is a moderate amount of body and it does not sound thick. The lower mids has sufficient quantity to tackle male vocals and there are no signs of dryness. There is a moderate standard of transparency and cleanliness is expressed well. The upper mids has slight forwardness for female vocals to sound intimate. The crisp is good. The details retrieval has a moderate standard.


The treble has good extension and it is able to give an airy feeling. There is good clarity with no sibilance and harshness. Treble articulation is precise. There is slight sparkle at times to inject excitement into the sound. The presentation has sufficient amount of air to prevent a dense presentation. The treble showcases great definition with a smooth nature.


The Dream has a natural expansion in its soundstage that has good width magnitude which helps to give an open feeling. The depth is slightly closed in. Positioning of vocals and instruments is good.

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