Han Sound Audio is a Taiwan based company that specializes in making handcrafted cables. Their lineup ranges from their entry level cable, Zen to flagship cable, Venom. I would like to thank Han Sound and Music Sanctuary for the review unit of Zen. At the moment, you can purchase the cable from and more information can be found on Han Sound Audio’s official Facebook page, .


Unboxing & Accessories

The Zen comes in a black package with the brand logo printed on the front cover. After removing the cover, there is the cable seated nicely on top of a soft sponge. There is a leather cable wrap for cable management. The cable wrap sports the brand name.


Cable Build & Design

The cable is made of OCC litz copper and it has a 4 core braided design. The Zen I will be reviewing has 2 pins 0.78mm connectors and 3.5mm jack. The cable can be customized in many ways subject to the availability of the component. Each connector has a silver housing with white and red stripe on the left and right side respectively. There is strain relief. There is no memory wire are section. The chin slider has a rectangular shape with rounded sides. The y-splitter has a unique design with the brand logo printed on it. Both the chin slider and y-splitter are silver in color. The jack is not an ordinary jack but instead, it is a FT-735 jack from Furutech. The FT-735 utilizes rhodium-plated alpha phosphor bronze conductor and it has a silver housing with a winged-like pattern.


Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has an increase in quantity and it is able to extend greater. It is able to contribute to a fuller sub-bass reproduction and offers a smoother bass texture. Each bass note is expressed with similar definition and there is more warmth. There is a clean hit which creates an enjoyable listen and the strength does not have a great magnitude, ensuring composure in the process. The bass decay is similar and the speed is not compromised. The mid-bass faces a lift in its quantity and it can deliver a weighted slam that provides the necessary impact to the overall sound. The bass performance operates on a full-bodied approach without sounding too dense.


The midrange operates with greater naturalness and it has the ability to give a soothing presentation. The lower mids has slightly more quantity and male vocals benefit from it without sounding thick or lush. There is good body. The upper mids has similar quantity and the additional forwardness results in a higher engagement level for female vocals. Crisp is maintained. The finesse is demonstrated well and there is a control in the execution of the midrange which provides a good balance. The transparency is similar while the cleanliness achieves a slight improvement.


The treble has an increase in its body with similar extension. It helps to add extra smoothness and results in a more natural sound. The amount of air rendered is rather similar. Treble articulation is good with accuracy. The crisp is maintained while the definition is slightly better and portrays good naturalness. The treble presentation is enjoyable with great musicality.


The soundstage improves with a more natural expansion. It is able to give a relaxing listen. The width magnitude increases slightly and the depth offers an appropriate amount of space for an intimate listen. There is accuracy in the positioning of vocals and instruments.


The Zen is a smooth sounding copper cable that is able to provide warmth which helps to accentuate the naturalness. There is good control with great cleanliness offered. It is able to strike a good balance and deliver a warm yet clean sound. In addition, it has solid build quality and comes with an exquisite Furutech jack. The Han Sound Zen is a cable that displays great finesse and creates a more relaxing listen.