TY Hi-Z is a Chinese company that specializes in earbuds and IEMs (In-Ear Monitors). Recently, they have come up with the TY Hi-Z G3 Pro. I would like to thank TY Hi-Z and Penon Audio for this review unit. At the moment, you can purchase it from .

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  • Driver: 6.85mm dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 123db
  • Impedance: 32ohm
  • Frequency Response: 16-23000Hz

Unboxing & Accessories

The G3 Pro comes in a black package with the brand name printed on it. After opening the package, there are the iem, semi-hard circular carrying case, eartips and instruction manual.



IEM Build & Design

The G3 Pro has a shell that is silver in color with gold rim. The brand logo is printed on the shell. There are L & R markings on the left and right side respectively. There is a vent at the back of the iem. The nozzle is straight with metal mesh for earwax prevention. Due to the small size of the shell, I am able to fit the G3 Pro in my ears comfortably.

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Cable Build & Design

The cable is 8 core braided and it is black in color. It is not detachable and there is strain relief. On the strain relief to the iem, there are L & R markings to differentiate between left and right respectively. There is no memory wire area section and the cable is soft and supple. The chin slider is gold in color while the y-splitter is silver in color. The jack is 3.5mm gold plated straight with strain relief and the housing is silver in color.


Sound Analysis


The G3 Pro has a moderate amount of quantity for its sub-bass and the extension has a good stretch. The mid-bass has a moderate quantity and the slam is not hard-hitting at all. Bass decay is rather speedy and each bass note is being presented in a clean approach. Bass texture is rendered smoothly. The bass reproduction has a good control and does not come across as aggressive.


The midrange on the G3 Pro is slightly recessed and operates in an exciting approach. There is good transparency and it sounds quite clean. There is a lack of body for the thick and lush presentation. The lower mids has moderate quantity and male vocals sound slightly hollow. The upper mids has good forwardness and the boost enhances the intimacy of female vocals. There is a clear-cut presentation. The midrange is geared towards a bright style with a nice control.


The treble extends well and it operates with good details retrieval. It is able to inject energy into the overall sound which provides liveliness. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is great and results in an open feeling. Crisp is apparent and helps to accentuate the treble. The definition is good. The clean and fun treble presentation creates a vibrant listen.


The G3 Pro has a moderately natural expansion. The stage width has good magnitude. The depth has an appropriate amount of space. Positioning of vocals and instruments is precise.

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TY Hi-Z G3 Pro vs Alpha & Delta D6

The G3 Pro has more sub-bass quantity than the D6 and it is able to produce a sub-bass reproduction capable of delivering a nice punch. The extension on both is around the same. The mid-bass on the G3 Pro has slightly more quantity which creates a weighted and tight slam. It is able to inject good authority to the overall sound. The bass decay on the G3 Pro is quicker with more agility and there is a nice pace. The bass texture on both is rendered similarly. Each bass note on the G3 Pro is articulated with a stronger hit. The lower mids on the D6 has slightly more body and male vocals are expressed naturally. The upper mids on both has similar forwardness but the D6 is able to keep things under control with good finesse. Female vocals sound more smooth on the D6 while on the G3 Pro, it is more aggressive. The treble on the D6 extends better than the G3 Pro with mastery. The D6 excels at the amount of air rendered and gives rise to an airy feeling. Lastly, in terms of soundstage, the G3 Pro has a more natural expansion while the D6 has an edge in the width which gives an open feeling. The D6 is able to offer a better depth.

TY Hi-Z G3 Pro vs TFZ Exclusive King

The King and G3 Pro have similar sub-bass quantity but the G3 Pro is able to extend slightly greater. The sub-bass reproduction on the G3 Pro is stronger with a more powerful punch. The bass texture on the King is rendered more smoothly while the G3 Pro has an edge in its bass decay. The G3 Pro excels in the control and has the ability to deliver a tight bass performance. The lower mids on the King has more quantity than the G3 Pro and it benefits male vocals. The upper mids on the G3 Pro has extra forwardness which gives an exciting female vocals performance and the control is tight to prevent it from sounding shouty. Next, for the treble section, the King has slightly better extension and it is able to articulate with precision. The amount of air rendered by the G3 Pro is greater and helps to give an airy feeling. The G3 Pro sounds more energetic than the King contributing to a higher engagement level. In terms of soundstage, the King expands more naturally while the G3 Pro tackles the soundstage width with a great magnitude. The depth on the King is slightly more closed in.

TY Hi-Z G3 Pro vs Oriveti Basic

The G3 Pro has less sub-bass quantity than the Basic but it has the edge in terms of extension. The Basic has a smoother bass texture which helps to give a velvety approach. The G3 Pro has a quicker bass decay with agility. The pace elevates the overall engagement. The mid-bass on the Basic has extra body but the slam on the G3 Pro is expressed with a stronger and cleaner hit. Each bass note is articulated with more accuracy on the G3 Pro. The lower mids on the Basic has more quantity and sounds thicker in comparison. Male vocals on the Basic sound more full. The upper mids on the G3 Pro is more forward and gives an engaging female vocals performance. The G3 Pro has a higher level of transparency. For the treble section, the G3 Pro is brighter and demonstrates better details retrieval. Its airiness helps to lighten the overall presentation. it sounds cleaner. The Basic takes on a smoother approach. Lastly, there is a more natural expansion for the Basic but the G3 Pro excels at both the width and depth. There is a greater width magnitude with an effective amount of space rendered.


The G3 Pro is a detailed sounding iem that is capable of delivering an engaging bass reproduction, exciting midrange and airy treble presentation. It has the ability to create an open feeling that is enjoyable to listen to. The TY Hi-Z G3 Pro is TY Hi-Z’s latest product and it is able to perform competently.