Sound Analysis


The Tequila 1 has moderate sub-bass quantity and it is extended well. The sub-bass reproduction operates in a smooth approach without sounding aggressive. There is a good control as each bass note is articulated with accuracy. The bass decay is quick and helps to enhance the overall speed. Bass texture is generally smooth and the rendering provides a relaxing listen. The rumble is very natural. The mid-bass does not have a lot of quantity and the slam is laid-back instead of hard-hitting. There is good mastery and the control helps to present the bass well.


The midrange is slightly recessed and portrays itself in a smooth manner. It has moderate amount of body which helps to prevent the midrange from sounding hollow. There is a nice tinge of warmth. The lower mids has sufficient quantity to express male vocals and sound neither thick nor lush. The upper mids has a slight forwardness with good control but there is a slight lack of crisp. Female vocals are presented well with energy and do not come across as shouty. The midrange is executed well.


The treble on the Tequila 1 extends to a great extent and it displays a good amount of air to lighten the overall presentation. There is no sibilance and harshness. The Tequila 1 expresses the treble with definition and there is good crisp and little sparkle. The treble articulation is quite precise with control. It is not very bright but there is still excitement shown. The details retrieval is good.


The soundstage has a moderate naturalness and the width is expanded rather well. The depth is good and it renders a good amount of space. There is an open feel to the overall sound and it helps to minimize congestion.

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