DAP Build & Design

The X20 has a rectangular design and it is black in color. On the front, there are no buttons and the brand name is printed at the bottom right. At the top of the X20, there is the USB Type C charging port. At the left side, there are the switch on/off button in red color, volume up/down buttons (there is a dot on the volume up button), reset button and micro sd slot. At the right side, there are previous, play/pause, next buttons (there is a dot on the play/pause button), back and options buttons. At the bottom of the X20, there are line out / coaxial, 3.5mm standard headphone output jack and 2.5mm TRRS balanced headphone output jack. The back of the X20 shows the model name.


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The Xduoo X20 has 10 sections of EQ and 18 kinds of sound effect and can be used as a standalone digital analogue converter (DAC). It supports line out and coaxial outputs. In addition, it utilizes bluetooth 4.1 bi-directional transmission that supports the latest Apt-X bluetooth protocol. With the HiBy link, the X20 can be controlled through the mobile phone and there is convenience of wireless.

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