Sound Analysis


The X20 has a moderate amount of sub-bass quantity with excellent extension. The sub-bass reproduction has a strong tightness and demonstrates an authority in its control. The bass decay is quick with agility shown. The speed improves the overall bass impact. In addition, the bass texture is expressed smoothly. Each bass note is articulated with a good combination of speed and precision. The punch elevates the engagement level of the sound. The mid-bass has a moderate amount of body and it is able to deliver its slam in an agile manner. The bass definition is clear and refined.


The midrange on the X20 has excellent details retrieval and it commands a high standard of transparency. The body does not have the quantity for a thick and lush midrange. Instead, it is presented in a clean manner. The lower mids has a moderate amount of quantity which can tackle male vocals well and the presentation is good without sounding dry or hollow. The upper mids on the X20 has nice forwardness that helps to enhance the female vocals performance with a higher level of intimacy and they do not come across as shouty. The liveliness creates an energetic listen with a crystal-clear expression.


The treble has fantastic extension without sibilance and harshness. The approach the treble operates on is slightly brighter. It presents itself in a lively manner while being competent at exhibiting its flair for details. The amount of air rendered is great and there is sparkle present to inject excitement into the overall sound. The definition on the treble is presented clearly and it has a moderate amount of body. There is good clarity shown and the crisp gives a nice bite.


The soundstage expands in a natural manner and it has a good width magnitude that is able to give an open feeling. The spaciousness helps to tackle busier tracks without any congestion happening. The depth offers an effective amount of space but still maintains intimacy. Positioning of vocals and instruments is precise and there is good separation. The soundstage presents itself in an immense manner.

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