Sound Analysis


The Yao has great sub-bass quantity without sounding too dense. In addition, it has the ability to extend confidently and demonstrate a strong finesse. The sub-bass reproduction takes on a full-bodied approach with a smooth expression. The control is sublime which aids the bass performance significantly. The bass texture is rendered in a velvety manner with a moderate bass decay. There is sufficient speed to tackle pacey tracks. Each bass note is articulated with precision and the hit is clean. Rumble is presented naturally which aids the overall sound. The mid-bass has a great amount of body and delivery of the slam provides the necessary punch without sounding aggressive. The bass definition is of a high standard and showcases a good technical aspect. With a full-bodied yet clear and defined bass reproduction, it is able to achieve a fantastic balance.


The Yao showcases its midrange in a balanced manner. There is a good amount of body which helps to give lushness yet it has a high level of details retrieval. It has the ability to strike a balance between the musicality and technicality aspects without any compromise. The midrange has a good definition and it is rendered cleanly. The lower mids on the Yao does not sound too thick but there is nice lush feeling. There are no signs of dryness and hollowness. Emotions are conveyed in an effective manner that benefits the expression of male vocals. The upper mids has moderate forwardness and demonstrates good finesse. There is a smooth execution of female vocals with a mellow expression. Vocals performance are controlled well and able to showcase an emotional performance.


The treble extends well and showcases a good technicality. There is no sibilance and harshness. There is a smooth and clean presentation. The presentation displays tight control whilst creating a relaxing listen without any aggression. There is a moderate amount of air rendered and contributes to lightening the presentation. The way the treble is expressed demonstrates a good balance. There is a nice crisp. Treble definition has a moderately high standard and articulation is rather precise. The Yao has the ability to present its treble in an effortless manner.


The expansion is quite natural and it contributes to the overall musicality. The width does not have a very wide magnitude but it is sufficient enough to provide space and tackle busy tracks with minimal congestion. The depth offers a good amount of space with a nice intimacy level. Positioning of vocals and instruments is able to operate at a good precision. Layering and separation is excellent.

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