Sound Analysis


The Velvet V2 has moderate amount of sub-bass quantity and it is extended well. The stretch is quite good. The sub-bass reproduction is presented in a clean manner. The rumble is fairly quick and sounds natural. Bass decay is pacey with no signs of sluggishness. Each bass note is articulated with a clean hit. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and the slam is expressed in a precise hit with strength. This elevates the engagement level. The bass showcases great technicality and the musicality is not compromised. Overall, the bass demonstrates punch and vibrance.


The midrange of the Velvet V2 is slightly recessed but it has sufficient body to aid in the vocals performance. There is a high level of transparency and there is an extremely clean rendition. The lower mids does not take on a full-bodied approach and male vocals do not sound thick. However, there are no signs of hollowness. For the upper mids, there is a boost and the forwardness contributes to the intimacy level of female vocals. The midrange is able to display excellent definition and energy to inject excitement into the overall sound. The details retrieval is good.


The treble is extended well with a good stretch. The details are expressed well with no sibilance. The treble operates in a bright approach and it is articulated with precision. The amount of air rendered is good which helps to provide space at the top end. The Velvet V2 has the ability to demonstrate its technical aspect with ease. There is crisp and sparkle to create a lively treble presentation. The Velvet V2 is able to present details competently.


The Velvet V2 excels in its soundstage. It is able to expand naturally with a good width magnitude which aids in the positioning of vocals and instruments. The depth is not too closed in and offers space. There is an open feeling.


With the dial, there are 3 tuning settings – tight, normal and warm. It helps to adjust both the tightness and warmth of the sound with change in the overall body. The dial is able to provide different sound signatures which showcases the versatility of the Velvet V2.

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