Sound Analysis (Black Filter)


The SKC-CNT1 has a good amount of sub-bass and the extension is of a moderate magnitude. The mid-bass has great quantity and it presents the slam with control. The bass texture is rendered smoothly and the bass decay is not quick. Each bass note is articulated in a smooth hit with natural rumble. The bass reproduction takes on a full-bodied approach and it is delivered with engagement. When the filter is gold, the bass has quicker bass decay with slightly more extension.


The midrange on the SKC-CNT1 has body and it operates in a laid back approach. There is a moderate level of transparency and it is rendered in a smooth manner. The presentation is fairly lush. The lower mids has good quantity which benefits male vocals. The upper mids is not very forward and it limits the intimacy of female vocals. The midrange is expressed well but lacks the excitement. When the filter is gold, there is a cleaner feeling and transparency improves.


The treble has a moderate extension with lack of crisp and sparkle. There is no sibilance and harshness. It is expressed with smoothness and the treble presentation ensures a fatigue-free listening session without sounding bright. The amount of air rendered is moderate and offers space. The definition is moderate with little liveliness. When the filter is gold, there is a small improvement in the extension.


The SKC-CNT1 expands naturally with an average width magnitude. The depth is slightly closed in. It gets congested when tackling busier tracks. Positioning of vocals and instruments has average precision.


As compared to the black filter, the gold filter has a lighter bass performance with more treble presence.

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