Semkarch SKC-CNT1 vs iBasso IT01

The SKC-CNT1 has more sub-bass quantity than the IT01 and the extension has a similar magnitude. The SKC-CNT1 presents its sub-bass in a fuller manner. The mid-bass on the IT01 has slightly less quantity than the SKC-CNT1 but the IT01 is able to deliver its slam with speed. The bass texture on both is rendered smoothly while the bass decay on the IT01 is quicker with agility. The midrange on the IT01 has a higher level of transparency with cleanliness. The lower mids on the SKC-CNT1 has more body and male vocals benefit from it. The upper mids on the IT01 is more forward which contributes to the intimacy of female vocals. The vocals reproduction is more organic on the IT01. Next, in the treble section, the IT01 has more extension while the SKC-CNT1 has extra body. The IT01 has more crisp and sparkle. The amount of air rendered on the IT01 is more. The articulation of the IT01 has a slightly higher precision level. In terms of soundstage, both expands naturally but IT01 has greater width. The depth on the SKC-CNT1 is more closed in.

Semkarch SKC-CNT1 vs TFZ Exclusive King

The SKC-CNT1 has similar sub-bass quantity as the King and the extension on the King is slightly greater. The sub-bass reproduction has a higher engagement level on the SKC-CNT1. The mid-bass on the SKC-CNT1 has additional amount and it contributes to a weighted slam. The slam from the SKC-CNT1 is harder which gives more impact. Both demonstrates rumble well. Bass texture is much smoother on the SKC-CNT1 while the bass decay is slightly quicker on the King. The midrange on both has similar transparency. The lower mids on the SKC-CNT1 has more body which makes male vocals sound thick. The upper mids on the King has additional forwardness and creates more intimate female vocals. Moving on to the treble section, the King has more extension and it is able to render a greater amount of air. The treble on the SKC-CNT1 has extra body and the articulation on the King is more precise. The King brings sparkle and crisp is showcased well. In terms of soundstage, the expansion is rather natural and the King has a greater width magnitude. Depth on the SKC-CNT1 is more closed in.

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