Astrotec is a Chinese company that produces iems and earbuds. In this review, I will be reviewing the Lyra Classic from their L series. I would like to thank Astrotec for this review unit. At the moment, you can buy them on Aliexpress and find more information about the Astrotec Lyra Classic on .



  • Driver: 15.2mm Dynamic
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Maximum Input: 10 mW
  • Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 23 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB / 1 mw (S.P.L at 1 kHz)

Unboxing & Accessories

The Lyra Classic comes in a grey package with a protective sleeve that features the brand name and model name. There is the high resolution audio logo printed on the cover. After opening the package, you will get the earbud, flight adapter, carrying case, pack of foams/ear hooks and warranty card.



Earbud Build & Design

The earbud has a grey shell. There are L and R markings on the left and right shell respectively for differentiation. On each of the shell, there is a silver vent facing out. There are 2 black stripes on the Lyra Classic. This earbud does not feature a detachable cable. There is strain relief to it. The earbud is lightweight and sits in my ears comfortably.

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Cable Build & Design

The cable has a 2 core design. The chin slider and y-splitter are black in colour. On the y-splitter, there are the words “Lyra classic” printed in white. The jack is 3.5mm gold plated right angled and has a black housing that sports the Astrotec brand name. There is strain relief.


Sound Analysis


The Lyra Classic has moderate sub-bass quantity and it is extended well. It takes on a smooth manner with sufficient depth. The execution has finesse and it is able to provide an engaging listen. The rumble is very natural whilst providing a nice punch to the overall sound. The bass texture is rendered smoothly and the bass decay is not the fastest but it can still keep up with pacey tracks. The mid-bass has good quantity and the slam is delivered with weight. The bass reproduction has fullness and brings with it musicality.


The midrange is expressed in a full approach with great detail retrieval. It is rendered cleanly and the transparency is of a moderate level. The lower mids has moderate quantity with no dry feeling. Male vocals are being displayed with emotions and there is a natural presentation. The upper mids is boosted and the forwardness results in an intimate female vocals performance. The control is rather tight to prevent it from being shouty. There is good body to the midrange and it is expressed in an effortless manner.


The treble is extended moderately and there is no sibilance and harshness. There is a smooth presentation and it is able to ensure a fatigue-free listening. There is a lack of sparkle to inject excitement into the overall sound. The amount of air rendered is moderate and it is not very crisp. Treble is articulated cleanly with body and the definition is moderate. It is detailed and the smoothness creates a relaxing listen.


The soundstage has a natural expansion in its width . The magnitude is rather moderate and the depth is closed in with space offered. Vocals and instruments positioning is quite precise.

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Astrotec Lyra Classic vs Astrotec Lyra Collection (32 ohm)

The Lyra Collection has more sub-bass quantity than the Lyra Classic and it is able to extend greater with more depth. The sub-bass reproduction on the Lyra Collection is more engaging than the Lyra Classic. The bass decay on the Lyra Collection has extra pace with agility and this helps to elevate the overall speed. Bass texture on the Lyra Classic is rendered with additional smoothness. The mid-bass on the Lyra Classic has extra quantity which presents the slam in a weighted manner but it lacks the pace of the Lyra Collection. There is a higher level of details retrieval on the Lyra Collection and it presents more transparency. The lower mids on the Lyra Classic has more quantity than the Lyra Collection which results in male vocals sounding thick. The upper mids of the Lyra Collection is boosted with forwardness which helps to express female vocals with more intimacy. There is extra definition for the Lyra Collection. Next, the treble of the Lyra Collection extends greater with more magnitude. The Lyra Collection is able to render more air. The crisp on the Lyra Collection is expressed well. Lastly, in terms of soundstage, both expands naturally while the Lyra Collection has greater width magnitude. The depth on the Lyra Classic is more closed in.

Astrotec Lyra Classic vs Penon BS1 Official

The BS1 Official has more sub-bass quantity than the Lyra Classic and it commands a better extension. The sub-bass reproduction on the BS1 Official is impactful and it is able to exert a stronger punch. The BS1 official is slightly more engaging here. The bass decay on the BS1 Official is quicker while the Lyra Classic renders its bass texture more smoothly. The mid-bass on both has similar quantity and the slam is expressed with weight. The midrange on the BS1 Official has better details retrieval and the transparency is slightly better. The lower mids on the Lyra Classic sounds fuller than the BS1 Official which benefts in the expression of male vocals. The upper mids on the BS1 Official is more forward than the Lyra Classic and both have a good control which helps in preventing female vocals from being shouty. There is a good intimate female vocals performance. The treble on the BS1 Official extends better and operates with a brighter approach. The BS1 Official shows a good amount of air but the Lyra Classic has the edge for smoothness. Crisp on the BS1 Official is better. Lastly, both expands naturally. The BS1 Official excels in the width magnitude while the depth of Lyra Classic is slightly more closed in.


The Lyra Classic is a smooth sounding earbud that is able to tackle the midrange effortlessly and provide an intimate vocals performance. It has the ability to ensure a fatigue-free listening session and the musicality is brought out well. Although the treble is not extended greatly, the smoothness makes the sound relaxing. The Astrotec Lyra Classic is a musical earbud to listen to.