Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has slightly more quantity and the extension increases to a greater magnitude. The sub-bass reproduction elevates to a higher engagement level with a greater punch. The body is kept well without compromising on the fullness. Each bass note is articulated with a stronger hit with good definition. It is able to create an impactful performance. The bass texture maintains its smoothness and the bass decay is lifted with more pace. The extra agility helps to create a livelier feel. There is a surge of excitement. The mid-bass has similar quantity and it is able to deliver an agile slam that adds impact to the overall sound. The bass operates with speed and precision which creates a dynamic feeling.


The midrange operates with liveliness and the nature helps to elevate the vocals with more engagement. It has the ability to create an energetic presentation. There is an increase in the transparency level with a cleaner feel. The lower mids has slightly less quantity and male vocals are still being expressed well without any signs of hollowness. The upper mids has more forwardness and the boost accentuates the intimacy level. Female vocals are tight and controlled. There is extra crisp with good engagement. The midrange is executed competently with excellent details retrieval.


The treble maintains its body and it has a lift in its extension. There is a lively presentation with tight control and it helps to inject energy into the overall sound. The engagement level increases. The amount of air rendered is greater and it offers more space at the top end. There is a nice airy feeling. Treble articulation has precision. The crisp is accentuated with a higher level of definition. The details retrieval is excellent. There is sparkle which provides excitement. The treble is detailed and energetic.


The naturalness is maintained and the width magnitude increases significantly. There is a more spacious feeling. The depth improves slightly with great amount of space. The positioning of vocals and instruments has better accuracy.


The Aegis is an energetic sounding hybrid cable that is made of copper litz and silver-gold alloy. It is capable of delivering good extension on both ends and creates a lively performance. With a combination of punchy bass, clinical midrange and exciting treble, it can ensure an engaging listen. In addition, it has solid build quality and comes with an exquisite Furutech jack. The Han Sound Aegis is a cable that displays great details and it is able to create an energetic listen.