Sound Analysis


The Queen showcases a good amount of sub-bass quantity with moderate extension. The sub-bass reproduction is full-bodied and it takes on a smooth approach. The tinge of warmth contributes to the overall reproduction. The bass decay has a moderate speed and lacks in agility. The bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner and it is able to provide a relaxing listen. The mid-bass has great quantity and it creates a weighted slam. It might be too dense at times. Each bass note is articulate with a smooth hit. The bass definition has a fair standard.


The midrange on the Queen has moderate level of transparency and it is rendered smoothly. The details retrieval is adequate with musicality brought out well. The lower mids has great quantity and it is able to tackle male vocals with ease. The body helps to convey emotions more effectively. There are no dry or nasal feeling. The upper mids has slight forwardness and there is a good control which prevents female vocals from sounding shouty. The vocals give a soothing listen with a full presentation.


The treble extends moderately with no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is fair and it is sufficient to give space at the top end. There is a moderate level of crisp with lack of sparkle. The finesse shown is good as it is able to produce a good control. The treble presentation takes on a polite approach without being aggressive. The level of details retrieval is moderate. The smoothness ensures a fatigue-free listening.


The soundstage expands in a natural manner. The width magnitude is moderate and it is able to give an fairly open feeling. The depth offers a decent amount of space. Positioning of instrument and vocals is rather precise.

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