Sound Analysis


The DX150 has great sub-bass quantity and it is able to create a full performance. The extension is moderate. There is sufficient depth and impact is brought out well. The execution is smooth which helps to deliver a natural rumble. The punch is not very authoritative but it helps to enhance the overall sound. The mid-bass has good amount and the fullness aids in delivery of the slam. The body adds a nice weighted feeling to the slam. The bass presentation is natural and it is enjoyable to listen to. There is a smooth transition from the lows to lower mids.


The midrange is rendered cleanly and it has a moderate level of transparency. It is presented with body which enhances the vocals performance. The lower mids has moderate quantity with no dry feeling. Male vocals are expressed well with emotions and there is a natural presentation. The upper mids is not very forward and it has good control to prevent female vocals from sounding shouty. The definition is great. The midrange takes on an full-bodied manner and it certainly does vocals justice. It is relaxing to listen to a lush showcase which gives good intimacy.


The treble is extended well with no sibilance and harshness. The depth that the DX150 extends to is great and there is a good control. The treble is expressed in a smooth manner with moderate crisp. There is little sparkle. The amount of air rendered is fair and it prevents the sound from being congested. The finesse shown is good and it displays clarity well. Treble is detailed.


The soundstage expands in a natural manner with a good balance of width and depth. It is presented with realism. The magnitude is moderate and the depth renders a good amount of space.

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