Geek Wold is a new Chinese brand that specializes in iems. Their debut iem is the GK3. I would like to thank Geek Wold for the review unit of GK3. At the moment, you can purchase it on Penon . For more information, you can visit Geek Wold official Facebook page, Geek Wold .

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  • Driver Configuration: 3 Dynamic Drivers (8mm [Lows], 6mm [Mids], 6mm [Highs])
  • Sensitivity: 102dB
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

Unboxing & Accessories

The GK3 comes in a black package that sports the brand logo. After opening the package, there are the iem, tips and warranty card. The unboxing is simple.


IEM Build & Design

The GK3 shell is made up of ABS material and it has a smooth surface. Each faceplate has a premium brushed silver metal design with a matte black outer edge. There is the brand logo printed on it in gold color. There is good visual appeal. On the inside of each iem side, there is a vent. The nozzle is slightly angled with metal mesh for earwax prevention. The housing is light weight.



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Cable Build & Design

The cable has a 4 core braided design and on the strain relief, there are L & R markings on the left and right side respectively so users can differentiate. There is a memory wire area section that is enclosed in a transparent heat shrink tube. Moving down, there is no chin slider. The y-splitter is silver in color and sports the brand name. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm gold plated right angled with a black housing. There is strain relief.


Sound Analysis


The GK3 has great sub-bass quantity and it extends to a nice depth. The sub-bass reproduction is impactful and it is capable of producing a strong punch. Bass decay has moderate speed and the bass texture is rendered with smoothness. The rumble is natural and each bass note is articulated with a powerful hit. The mid-bass has moderate quantity. The execution of the slam aids in the overall impact. The bass performance has good engagement level.


The midrange is presented in a laid-back manner with moderate level of details retrieval. The transparency level is average. The lower mids has sufficient body to tackle male vocals. There are no signs of hollow feeling. It is expressed fairly well. The upper mids has slight boost and the forwardness helps to add intimacy to female vocals. Emotions are conveyed effectively and it complements the laid-back nature. The midrange is fun to listen to and musicality is invoked well.


The treble is extended decently and it has sufficient body. There is smoothness which helps to ensure a fatigue-free listen. There is no sibilance and harshness. The control on the treble is good and it showcases some finesse. The amount of air rendered is moderate and helps to prevent the overall presentation from sounding dense. Treble articulation has decent definition. There is lack in crisp and sparkle. The presentation is laid-back. The overall treble is relaxing to listen to.


The GK3 has a natural expansion in its stage and the width has a moderate magnitude. Congestion happens at times. It is able to tackle busier tracks to a certain extent. The depth is closed in. The soundstage is fair.



Geek Wold GK3 vs Tin Audio T2

The T2 has less sub-bass quantity than the GK3 but it is able to extend more. The GK3 is more aggressive in its sub-bass reproduction and provides better impact. The T2 has better technicality. The mid-bass on the GK3 has slightly more body than the T2 and it is able to deliver a weighted slam. The T2 has greater bass decay and the agility helps to increase the overall pace. Bass texture on the GK3 is rendered more smoothly. There is additional punch from the GK3. The midrange on the T2 has a higher level of transparency and it is expressed cleanly. The lower mids on the GK3 has more body and male vocals are presented with more thickness. The upper mids on the T2 has extra forwardness which helps to create an intimate female vocals presentation. Moving on to the treble section, the T2 is slightly more extended while the GK3 is able to present the treble with additional smoothness. The amount of air rendered is more on the T2. For soundstage, there is natural expansion for both. The T2 excels in the width magnitude. The GK3 has a more closed in depth.

Geek Wold GK3 vs TFZ Series 2

The GK3 has more sub-bass than the Series 2 and the extension is pretty similar. The GK3 sub-bass reproduction is more capable to deliver punch for an impactful performance. Bass decay on the Series 2 has more pace and the agility helps to contribute to the engagement level. The bass texture on the both is rendered rather smoothly. The mid-bass on the GK3 has more body and it accentuates the slam. Each bass note on the GK3 is articulated with a strong hit. The midrange of the Series 2 has slightly better details retrieval than the GK3. The GK3 is thicker sounding. The lower mids on the GK3 has more body than the Series 2 and male vocals are better expressed. The upper mids on the Series 2 is boosted without being too aggressive and female vocals sound more intimate. The treble on the Series 2 is slightly more extended. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air on the Series 2 is greater. There is a smoother presentation for the GK3. Lastly, in terms of soundstage, the GK3 has a more natural expansion. The width magnitude for the Series 2 is greater while the depth on the GK3 is more closed in.

Geek Wold GK3 vs Kinera SEED

The GK3 has more sub-bass quantity than the SEED but it extends slightly more. The sub-bass reproduction on the GK3 is much fuller. It has the ability to deliver a stronger impact. The rumble on the GK3 is presented more naturally. The bass texture on the GK3 is rendered with additional smoothness. Bass decay on both has similar speed. The mid-bass quantity on the GK3 is slightly more and the slam benefits from it. Each bass note on the GK3 is articulated with a stronger hit. The midrange of the GK3 is lusher than the SEED while the SEED expresses its midrange in a cleaner manner. The lower mids on the GK3 has more body and male vocals are presented well with additional lushness. The upper mids on the GK3 has slightly more forwardness while the definition on both is similar. Female vocals are presented with a higher level of intimacy on the GK3. Next, in the treble department, the SEED is able to render a greater amount of air which helps to provide space at the top end. There is more treble body on the GK3 and it provides a smooth feeling. The extension of the SEED is greater. Lastly, in terms of soundstage, there is a more natural expansion with the GK3. The width magnitude is greater on the SEED while the depth of the GK3 is more closed in.


The GK3 is a bass oriented iem that is capable of producing a strong bass reproduction which ensures an impactful performance. The midrange is laid-back and there is decent treble extension. Moreover, it has a nice design. The Geek Wold GK3 does not disappoint at its price point by delivering a punchy and engaging sound.