Sound Analysis


The M0 has moderate amount of sub-bass and the extension is pretty good. The sub-bass reproduction showcases good cleanliness. The rumble is presented with naturalness. The bass decay on the M0 is rather quick and it contributes to the engagement level. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and it delivers with a robust slam which results in a great impact. It exerts a nice punch.


The midrange of the M0 has good details retrieval and the transparency is at a moderate level. It is slightly on the brighter side. The lower mids has moderate amount of body and male vocals are expressed fairly with no signs of hollowness. The upper mids has slight forwardness which benefits female vocals reproduction. The intimacy level is elevated. The midrange has vibrance and vocals are presented well.


The treble is extended fairly and there is a moderate amount of air rendered. It is able to provide a lively presentation with slight sparkle that provides the added bite. The treble articulation is rather accurate. The M0 presents the treble in an engaging manner whilst still maintaining a tight control. There is crisp and definition.


The M0 has adequate soundstage. There is a natural expansion with good width. The depth is not too closed in. The positioning of vocals and instruments is fair. There is little congestion when tackling busier tracks.

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