Sound Analysis


The Secret Garden HD has great amount of sub-bass and the extension shows good depth. The mid-bass is ample and it is able to deliver the slam with a weighted feeling. The bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner. Bass decay is fairly quick and it aids in the overall engagement. Each bass note is articulated with an impactful hit. The rumble is expressed in a natural manner. With a good balance of agility and body, the bass reproduction is strong and engaging.


The midrange on the Secret Garden is rendered quite cleanly. The transparency is acceptable with the body providing lushness. The lower mids has fair quantity and male vocals are expressed without any hollow feeling. Emotions are conveyed effectively. The upper mids has some forwardness and the intimacy level of female vocals is moderate. The midrange has good liveliness.


The treble extends in a fair manner with moderate crisp. There is lack of sparkle with no sibilance and harshness. The treble presentation takes on a smooth approach with some brightness. The amount of air rendered is good and contributes to an airy feeling. The definition is moderate.


The Secret Garden HD has a natural expansion and the soundstage has good width magnitude. The depth is not as closed in and it is able to offer space. Positioning of vocals and instruments has moderate precision.


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