Sound Analysis (Silver-Plated Copper Cable Pairing)


The  DM6 has moderate sub-bass quantity with a fair extension. The sub-bass reproduction takes on a controlled approach. Each bass note is articulated with moderate precision. The bass decay is acceptable and the overall agility is reduced. Bass texture is rendered smoothly. The rumble is quite natural. The mid-bass has good quantity and the slam is not delivered in a hard-hitting way. There is nice finesse shown.


The midrange is slightly recessed and it is presented in a smooth approach. There is sufficient body to contribute to the vocals reproduction. The lower mids has good amount of quantity which benefits male vocals and there are no signs of hollow feeling. The upper mids has moderate forwardness which adds some intimacy. Female vocals are expressed in a controlled manner without sounding shouty. The midrange has a fine execution.


The treble on the DM6 has good extension and there is sufficient amount of air rendered to complement the overall sound. There is no sibilance and harshness. The DM6 presents its treble in a controlled manner with moderate definition. There is nice crisp and slight sparkle to inject excitement in the sound. Treble articulation is accurate and there is good details retrieval.


The soundstage has a natural expansion and the width magnitude is able to give a spacious feeling. The depth offers a good amount of space. There is minimal congestion. Positioning of instruments and vocals is precise.

Copper & Silver-Plated Copper Cable Pairing

There is greater sub-bass quantity with smoother texture. The mid-bass has slightly extra weight which helps to deliver a weighted slam. There is a fuller feeling. The midrange has more body and the transparency level is reduced slightly. The lower mids has greater quantity while the upper mids is slightly less forward. In treble department, there is decrease in the amount of air and sparkle. The crisp is reduced slightly but the presentation is smoother. Lastly, for the soundstage, expansion is more natural. The width magnitude is less with a closed in depth.

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