Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has similar quantity and the extension improves slightly. The sub-bass reproduction takes on an agile approach. The bass decay is quicker and the addditional speed contributes to the overall bass engagement. The mid-bass has similar body and the slam is executed in a fine manner. The bass texture is rendered with similar smoothness. There is an increase in definition.


The midrange takes on livelier approach and it is not as lush. There is an increase in transparency level with a slight boost in details retrieval. The lower mids has slightly less body and male vocals are not expressed in a thick feeling. The upper mids has additional forwardness and the crisp accentuates the presentation of female vocals. It is intimate yet controlled.


The treble is extended slight. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered increases and there is an airier feeling. There is more space at the top end. The crisp and sparkle are retained. The treble articulation has similar precision. The overall finesse improves and with the abundance of air, it gives a light feeling which provides a relaxing listen.


There is a natural expansion in its soundstage and there is an increase in the width magnitude. It helps to give a vast feeling which helps to minimize congestion. The depth is less closed in and it offers a good amount of space. Positioning of instruments and vocals has extra precision.


The Booster Blue is an airy sounding cable iem that is made of silver plated OCC copper and OCC copper. It has the ability to inject more speed into the bass reproduction and the midrange has extra forwardness. The treble presentation is airier which gives an open feeling. In addition, it is constructed well with suppleness. The Luminox Audio Booster Blue is a good choice for those who wish for additional air and liveliness.