Sound Analysis


The Wine has moderate sub-bass quantity with good extension. The sub-bass reproduction takes on an authoritative approach and impact is brought out well. The bass decay has moderate pace. The bass texture is rendered in a moderately smooth manner. The mid-bass has great quantity and the slam is delivered with density. Each bass note is articulated with a good punch.


The midrange takes on a smooth presentation. The lower mids has good amount of body and male vocals are presented well without any signs of hollow feeling. The upper mids has some forwardness and there is a slightly aggressive bite which adds character. The midrange is expressed rather fully with liveliness .


The treble has an average extension and the amount of air rendered is moderate. There is no sibilance and harshness. The Wine is able to showcase a smooth execution of its treble. There is little crisp and lack of sparkle. The treble body is good with a slightly dense feeling. The level of details retrieval is moderate.


The soundstage has a good natural expansion and the width magnitude is average. The depth is slightly closed in. There is some congestion when tackling busier tracks.

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