Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has slight increase in its quantity and the sub-bass reproduction benefits with a more full-bodied approach. The extension increases slightly. The bass decay has similar speed and the bass texture is rendered with extra smoothness. The mid-bass has more body and the slam is delivered in a fuller manner. Each bass note is articulated with extra strength and it results in a more impactful performance.


The midrange is fuller with an increase in overall body. The fullness results in a satisfying vocals reproduction. The transparency level reduces slightly. It is rendered with similar cleanliness. The lower mids increase slightly in quantity and male vocals are thicker sounding. The upper mids has additional forwardness which results in female vocals giving a higher intimacy level. There is good finesse shown.


The treble has more body and it helps to create a smoother presentation. The extension improves by a little amount. Both the crisp and sparkle are maintained. The amount of air rendered increases slightly. The treble demonstrates excellent finesse and it showcases strong mastery. Treble articulation is more precise. There is a soothing and relaxing listen. There is no sibilance and harshness.


The soundstage expands more naturally. The width has a slight increase in its magnitude. The depth is able to offer a greater amount of space. Positioning of vocals and instruments improves slightly.


The GD849 is a smooth sounding cable that is able to provide a fuller bass performance, intimate midrange and controlled treble. It has the ability to create a soothing listen without compromising on the details. The Penon GD849 is a visually appealing cable and it delivers an enjoyable sound effortlessly.