Sound Analysis


The B200 has a good sub-bass extension but the quantity is lacking for a full-bodied reproduction. There is a quick decay with agility. It is able to showcase a speedy performance. The bass texture is moderately smooth. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and the slam is presented in a conservative manner. Each bass note is articulated well with accuracy but it is not very impactful. The polite presentation does not provide rumble to the overall sound.


The midrange presents itself in a clean manner and there is a good level of transparency. The lower mids has an ordinary amount of body and male vocals do not sound in a lush and thick manner. There is still a good rendition. The upper mids is the highlight here with good quantity. The forwardness helps to enhance female vocals to sound intimate and there is a clear definition. The sweetness helps to give an alluring listen. There is a good mastery too and it does not feel shouty.


The treble has great details and it commands good control. There is no sibilance and harshness. It is able to extend well without sounding harsh. The control on the treble presentation showcases good mastery and there is finesse in the execution. The amount of air rendered is moderate. It helps to lighten the presentation without sounding too dense. There is a moderate amount of body with slight crisp and sparkle for some excitement.


The B200 has a moderately natural expansion and the width magnitude is great which is sufficient enough to prevent congestion from happening. The depth has an effective amount of space rendered so there is a moderate intimacy level. Positioning of vocals and instruments is generally good.

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