Sound Analysis


The FLC8D has good sub-bass quantity and the sub-bass is presented with swiftness. The sub-bass is extended well. Bass decay is quick and it helps to elevate the engagement level. The sub-bass reproduction showcases agility which gives a nice impact. Bass texture is moderately smooth. The mid-bass has a fair amount of body and it prevents the slam from feeling weighted. It is not executed in a strong manner but there is punch. Rumble on the FLC8D is expressed naturally. There is a tinge of warmth to inject musicality. Bass reproduction is clean with flair.


The FLC8D has a lively midrange which gives an appealing feel. The excitement is brought out well and it is able to express vocals well. The vibrance exhibited only helps to increase the level of vocals performance. The lower mids has sufficient quantity and there are no signs of dry or hollow feeling. It is not very thick and male vocals are presented fairly. The upper mids has slight forwardness for female vocals to command good intimacy level. There is nice crisp. The details retrieval is great with energy. There is constant engagement.


The treble is extended well and it has good liveliness. The FLC8D showcases good clarity with no sibilance and harshness. Treble articulation is precise. There is slight sparkle to inject excitement into the sound. It is energetic and does not cause fatigue. The presentation has sufficient amount of air to prevent a dense presentation. The treble showcases great definition.


The FLC8D expands quite naturally for the soundstage and the width magnitude is good which helps to ensure minimal congestion. The depth is slightly closed in with sufficient space rendered. Positioning of vocals and instruments is good.


On the gold filter, vocals are boosted with extra forwardness. On the blue filter, vocals are recessed. On the green filter, the treble is accentuated. On the gunmetal filter, there is a balanced presentation.

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