Sound Analysis


The E4000 has good sub-bass quantity with moderate extension. The sub-bass reproduction provides a natural rumble. The impact is brought out well. The bass decay is on the slower side of things. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has ample body which contributes to a full-bodied slam. There is moderate punch.


The E4000 has an alluring midrange which provides an intimate listen. Vocals are expressed with an effective amount of energy. Emotions are conveyed well. The lower midrange has good quantity and male vocals are expressed without any hollowness but with reduced presence. The upper midrange has a boost sufficient for female vocals to shine. There is a good level of vibrance.


The treble has moderate extension and there is a controlled expression with no sibilance and harshness. The smoothness creates a relaxing listen. The crisp has moderate definition with little sparkle. There is an adequate amount of air to provide space at the top end to prevent any dense feeling.


The E4000 expands naturally for its soundstage with average width magnitude. The depth is not closed in with space rendered.

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