Sound Analysis


The Atlas has great sub-bass quantity and it is extended well with nice depth. The sub-bass reproduction has body and it is able to provide fantastic impact. The rumble is expressed in a natural manner. There is a good engagement level. The bass decay is moderate and the expression is not the quickest. The punch is sufficient with a tight control. The bass texture is rendered smoothly which provides an enjoyable listen. The mid-bass has moderate amount of body and the slam is presented with a weighted feeling without any signs of density. The bass has both authority and quantity.


The midrange is slightly warm and it has excellent details retrieval. The vocals are expressed in a more laid-back manner. The lower mids has good amount of quantity and male vocals benefit without any signs of hollowness. Emotions are conveyed effectively. The upper mids has a little bit more forwardness and it helps to push female vocals for the intimacy. The midrange is rendered cleanly and boasts fine transparency level.


The treble on the Atlas is extended in a moderate manner with sufficient amount of body to ensure a fatigue-free listening. It is able to present the smoothness and provide the sparkle to inject excitement into the overall sound. The crisp is well defined. There is no sibilance or harshness. The amount of air rendered is moderate which gives space at the top end. The treble presentation has good engagement level and commands a tight control.


The soundstage has moderate naturalness and the width has great magnitude. The depth is slightly closed in with sufficient space rendered. Positioning of vocals and instruments is fairly accurate.

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