Sound Analysis


The iHiFi790 has moderate quantity in its sub-bass department and it boasts great extension. The sub-bass reproduction demonstrates good depth. The bass texture is moderately smooth and bass decay is quick, elevating the engagement level. Each bass note is being articulated with a clean hit. The mid-bass quantity is moderate and the delivery of slam is quick. The bass takes on a clinical approach.


The midrange on the iHiFi790 has good transparency level and takes on a leaner approach. It is rendered cleanly and vocals are expressed with details. The lower mids has less amount of body and male vocals are presented with moderate thickness. The upper mids is boosted and it aids in the forwardness. Female vocals sound intimate. There is a lively presentation.


The treble extends well with brightness. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is quite good and contributes to an airy presentation. The iHiFi790 showcases details well with the added sparkle for the excitement. The treble on the iHiFi790 is crisp and there is precise articulation.


The iHiFi790 is able to expand naturally and the width magnitude is good. The depth is able to render space. There is a spacious feeling. Positioning of vocals and instruments has high accuracy level.

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