Shanling M0 vs Xuelin iHiFi790

The iHiFi790 has less sub-bass quantity but it is extended more than the M0. The sub-bass reproduction on the iHiFi790 is more clear-cut and presents its definition well. The bass texture is rendered with additional smoothness on the M0. The bass decay is quicker on the iHiFi790 and it elevates the engagement level. The mid-bass on the M0 has extra body and it is able to create a more weighted slam. The bass reproduction on the M0 takes on a fuller approach. The midrange on the iHiFi790 has slightly better transparency. The lower mids on the M0 has a good amount of body and it is able to express male vocals better. The upper mids on the iHiFi790 is more forward which benefits female vocals reproduction. Next, in terms of treble, the iHiFi790 has more extension and the amount of air rendered is greater to provide an airier feeling. The iHiFi790 is able to showcase better sparkle. Treble presentation on the M0 is smoother. Lastly, for the soundstage, the iHiFi790 has greater width magnitude while the depth on the M0 is more closed in. Positioning of vocals and instruments has better accuracy on the iHiFi790.


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