Sound Analysis


The Ace is able to extend its sub-bass well with good quantity. The sub-bass reproduction operates in a full manner and there is a nice consistent punch. The bass decay has moderate speed with sufficient agility. Bass texture on the Ace is rendered with smoothness. Each bass note on the Ace is articulated with precision and there is a controlled hit. The mid-bass has suitable amount of body and the slam is expressed with a weighted feeling.


The midrange on the Ace has an excellent intimacy level and it is able to express vocals competently. The vocals performance demonstrates great finesse. The lower mids has good quantity and it is not too thick. Male vocals are expressed well without any signs of dryness and hollowness. The upper mids shine with great forwardness and the execution is spot-on. Female vocals are presented in a delightful manner with strong mastery. The vocals presentation is outstanding and of a very high calibre.


The treble is expressed in a smooth manner with great extension. The smooth nature helps to ensure a fatigue-free listen. There is a good amount of air rendered and it helps to balance out the overall presentation. There are no signs of any dense feeling. The treble articulation is accurate and there is little sparkle. Treble is crisp and well-defined. Overall, the treble has a nice balance.


The Ace has a natural expansion and it boasts a huge soundstage. There are no signs of congestion. The width is able to create a spacious feeling. In addition, the depth is able to offer an excellent amount of space. Position of vocals and instruments has a high precision level. Layering and separation is great.


There are 2 switches which provides a total of 4 different sound signatures – Ace, King, Queen and Jack.

  • ON + KE (Ace -> Balanced)
  • 1 + 2 (Queen -> Treble)
  • 1 + KE (King -> Vocals)
  • 2 + ON (Jack -> Bass)

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