Sound Analysis


The MGS-401 has moderate amount of sub-bass quantity and it is extended in a fair manner. The sub-bass reproduction is not the most impactful and it is expressed with cleanliness. Bass decay is moderate and there are no signs of sluggishness. Bass texture is generally smooth. The mid-bass has little quantity and the slam is delivered politely. Each bass note is delivered with a clinical hit. There is a light bass presentation.


The midrange of the MGS-401 has a musical presentation. The transparency level is moderate. The lower mids has good quantity to tackle male vocals. There are no signs of them sounding dry. The upper mids has forwardness and female vocals are expressed with good finesse. The midrange has a good balance of body and forwardness which creates an enjoyable listen.


The treble is extended well and it commands a high level of details retrieval. There is no sibilance and harshness. The treble has moderate body and it is articulated well. The amount of air rendered is great and it creates an airy feeling. Treble is crisp and well-defined. There is moderate sparkle.


The MGS-401 excels in its soundstage. There is an open feel with no congestion. The width magnitude is great and it helps to improve the overall positioning of vocals and instruments. The depth has a good amount of space rendered.

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