Sound Analysis


The OE8 has a good amount of sub-bass and it boasts great extension. The sub-bass reproduction is punchy which brings out impact well. The bass decay has good pace and provides agility. Bass texture is rendered quite smoothly. Each bass note on the OE8 is articulated with an authoritative hit. The mid-bass has an average amount of body and the slam is being delivered well. The OE8 has a clinical bass performance.


The midrange is detailed and lively. It boasts good transparency level. The OE8 expresses vocals in a clear and defined manner. There is an effective conveying in emotions. The lower mids has moderate amount of body and male vocals are presented well without any signs of dryness. The upper mids is slightly boosted and female vocals are showcased with moderate intimacy level. The midrange exhibits great energy and there is an exciting listen.


The treble has great extension with no sibilance and harshness. Treble articulation is precise. Crisp is well-defined and the amount of air rendered is great which provides an open feeling. There is sparkle for the added excitement. The treble presentation takes on a bright approach and it boasts a high level of details retrieval.


The OE8 expands in a natural manner with great width magnitude and slightly closed in depth. Positioning of vocals and instruments is quite accurate.

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